Gil Rio Phone Consultation - April 2012

I had a phone consultation with Gil Rio to go over some sticking points in my game, and areas I wanted to improve on. While talking to Gil, he seemed to know where I was coming from with each of the areas, and had excellent ideas for handling them. We talked about an hour and a half the first session, where we outlined 5 areas for improvement. The areas we focused on were gaming sober, picking up girls on the dance floor, mixed sets, hired guns, and inner game. For each of these areas Gil gave me a lot of advice and tips on how to improve, and gave me specific exercises to do in the next two weeks.

For the next two weeks, I put these exercises into practice, in the day and in the night. One of the nights out, I went to a friend of a friendís birthday party, and made friends with all the guys first. After making friends with them, a couple of the girls started opening me, which gave me social proof throughout the night with the girls in the social circle, and other girls at the bar. With every interaction, in a gaming situation or not, I tried to push and extend each interaction. I have definitely seen improvement in my interactions with girls and guys, whether out at night or in the day time. In the follow up consultation we started to get into same night lay advice and some other things. Overall, this was a great phone consultation and Gil is a very cool dude and great resource.