Game changing question
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    Game changing question

    With any type of educational activity, there is always that "I got it" moment. Something that progresses you to the next level. I'm curious to know what anyone's ah-ha moment was. Something you saw, read, tried in field - anything where something just clicked for you.
    For me, it was when I stopped thinking of the approach as trying to pick up a girl by saying something brilliant that would sweep her off her feet. And instead, I realized that going in under the radar will work almost every time with regards to at least starting a conversation with a stranger.
    This is obviously in all of the books. But, when you try in field is where you learn and build confidence; so the constant approach of girls with opinion, or situational openers definitely was my biggest personal breakthrough.

    Anyone have any interesting ah-ha moments?

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    It was once I realized - truly believe - that I AM the prize.

    Inner game. Confidence. Abundance mentality. Indifference.

    Once I realized all of my fucking awesomeness it has been much easier being confident and dominant around girls.

    This was an ah-hah moment, realizing it is true, but now a slow process to make it my mind set 24/7.

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    My ah-ha moment came when I realized people in general are easy to "game", I went from trying how to cure my social anxiety to figuring out that girls like when you tease them and so on.

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