Stumped with a party girl on facebook
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    Stumped with a party girl on facebook

    I have been messaging an HB on facebook. I opened with the "wig or real hair opener" I managed to transition it into an opinion with her but I'm stuck. Shes seems to be a partier from her profile and her answers. I don't know what to say next. Here is the convo:

    Me: Haha hope you can take a joke. I just thought you were too adorable so I had to say hi!

    HB:haha heyy

    Me: Haha happy Easter! Oh by the way, I need a female prespective on something......Say, this guy is dating this girl, and she goes out with her friends, has a few drinks and ends of making out with a random girl at the bar.....Would you consider this cheating?

    HB: if she kisses a girl, i wouldn't be worried about it

    Me: Ahh well I was out at the bar with my buddy Michael this weekend and he's been dating a girl for about 6 months. He told me that she had told him that a lot of times when she gets a little drunk that she likes to makeout with girls. He's really not sure how to feel about it bc in one way he likes it haha but in the other he worries that he can't satisfy her or like he can't trust her. but she was open about it so that's good.

    HB: yeah i see where he's coming from lol tell him to step up his game lol

    Do you guys think this is even working or what should I say next?

  2. With hot girls I wouldn't waste your time IMing them, along with probably 30 other guys.. I hear the FB msg sounds when I'm at their place. You should invite them out and dazzle her with your charm in person

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