Help with conversation with dismissive girl

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    Help with conversation with dismissive girl

    Looking for help here...

    So sometimes I come across these types of girls on POF and stumble trying to make something of it, rather than just moving on to someone who gives me more to work with. Her replies are "dismissive", in that she gives me nothing to work with and implies she's not interested. You'll see below...
    Setting the state: The girl is 20. I'm 28. Live in the same city. She's attractive but not a knock out. I'd give her 8/10, meaning again shes attractive, probably gets lots of e-mails, but there are hotter girls than her on the site.

    My First e-mail to her:
    How's it going Tory,

    I read your profile and couldn't help but notice a few things. You're looking for a guy who's unconfident, poor manners, stupid, and has an amazing scowl? That's awesome!! If there's only a few things that I think are my best qualities, it's being a total pu$$y around women, being an absolute slob (wait till you see me eat sushi!!), and my ability to beat 5 year olds at go-fish almost half the time!! I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that we're soul mates. Prove me wrong

    [The above was something I picked up from a DaveM newsletter where you take things she says she wants from her profile, and use the opposite].

    Anyway, no offence, but I usually don't message girls with profiles as short as yours...
    I always think that you must be hiding something. There's always a possibility that although you IMPLY that you're young, unmarried, and normal, you're actually 56, and married to (at least) 6 men all called Wayne (or is it Roy?). You probably also kill puppies =P

    You seem cute. But I really hope there's more to you than just a cute face.

    So tell me Tory, are you really as much trouble as I think you are?

    [The above part about not messaging girls with short profiles I believe I stole from Pushbutton dating or their message boards, can't remember]

    (Signed, my name)

    E-Mail From Her:
    Hmmmm well i hate sushi!!! and 5 yearolds and your wrong im 87 not 56
    and i dont just kill puppies i eat them too!!
    Take care now

    As you can see. "Take care now" implies not interested. So I took that into consideration and threw together my own reply that impies dismissiveness towards her:

    My Next E-mail:
    Hate sushi? Oh let me guess.... you're one of those girls that went to China because you know dog is their main entree. Gross...

    Ouch... 87... that's a couple years out of my age range. Sorry. 86 is the oldest I go

    I hope you find someone a little more mature than me, preferably someone who has a good stock of viagra hey?

    Her Next Reply:
    your very strange....

    My Next Reply:

    [The following paragraph is something I got while watching DavidD's Man Transformation, where I believe Mehow said that when a girl gives you a neg, agree with her and exaggerate it to the extreme]

    I'm the strangest guy you'll EVER meet on here. 3X stranger than that guy who asks for naked pictures, and 10X stranger than the guy who tells you he and his "girlfriend" are looking for a girl to have a threesome with!!! only to find when you show up it's only him and his roomate Greg sharing a single bedroom together, his girlfriend is mysteriously "out of town that weekend", and you notice a bottle of lube and 2 open condom wrappers sitting on the floor, yet no condoms in them, and a webcam with the green light on pointing straight at the bed!!! You'll find out where the condoms are later

    But enough about your Saturday night. I'm glad you like my strangeness. It's flattering when psycho girls compliment me so much like you do

    So dog girl, let's find out if there's anything normal about you. I'll also give you a second change to raise your correct spelling rate from 2/3. What's your favorite icecream flavor? There's no dog flavor just so you know...

    [In the above paragraph, the spelling remark was because she spelled your instead of you're. Unfortunately I fucked up and put "change" instead of "chance"]


    She currently has not been online to read that message. Any suggestions from you guys on where to go from here? I expect a similar short dismissive answer back, or nothing at all.

    Again, I'm not a newb or anything, but sometimes these girls trump me and I'd like to figure out a way to amp the attraction in these situations to recover them instead of just fucking it and moving on to the next one.

  2. I'm not an expert by any means but one thing I've found works about 1/2 of the time might work for you. I use it sometimes at the very least it'll help you figure out I she's shy and can't think of anything to say or if she really just doesn't want to talk to you...

    try saying: "When I first started talking to you I thought you would be an interesting person to talk to and eventually get to know better. I don't think I have ever been more wrong"

    reword it accordingly but that's worked for me almost every time.

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