Yet another... please help me with my OkCupid profile!

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    Yet another... please help me with my OkCupid profile!

    My goal really is just to practise and maybe have a few meets but honestly I still have no idea what to do with these profiles - so I just kept it in a silly/cocky/funny style with an invitation to find out more.

    I'm thinking my photos probably give off a bad impression but I lost all my photos a bit back so I have little to go on. My friends aren't the 'takes loads of photos on a night out' kind of people.

    Hopefully that works.

    Anyway let me know what you think! It would mean a lot, cheers!


    On a separate topic but I thought I wouldn't waste thread space. Can anybody offer some basic tips for talking to a girl on a dating site. I guess the goal would be to get them off the dating site and onto skype/real life asap. So the idea would be to build comfort and interest before asking to take the conversation somewhere else (with the excuse dating sites seem to put on too much pressure/I don't go on that often and Skype/FB is easier).

    I was planning to open with something basic like hi or hi. i like your profile. Then if they reply I know they have some interest to work on.

    Finally, any signs of girls to avoid?

    Cheers lads/ladies!

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    Ok here are my suggestions...

    Get rid of the webcam pictures. Leave just the two normal ones. Bring a camera or take a few pictures when you're out sometime. You may feel stupid asking to get a picture with your buddies but it will pay off later.

    As for the profile content, it all sounds a bit beta to me. You have to show more confidence. I'm not going to go through the entire profile and make individual suggestions but things like "I never know what to put in these bits, feels a bit strange trying to explain why I am worth messaging back!" just make me think you have no confidence. Seriously, don't worry about coming off as an asshole.

    The opening message should be something funny and playful. I tend to stay away from all serious talk, even after I have their phone number. There are plenty of canned openers on here that you can use until you think of some good ones for yourself.

    I used to have problems with online game but I've seriously pulled 18 numbers (8 today) from HB7+ in the last week. Keep working at it and tweaking your profile and you should be fine bud.

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    Thanks for the advice I'll give it a go!

    And I know about the photos, makes me look a bit of a poser/loner even. Will leave them on until I get the other photos taken, and I've reordered them so my profile picture is one of the good ones. Unless they really do leave that much of a bad impression?

    I don't think it is so much confidence, it is that I have no bloody idea what to write about myself. I guess I never have had to before lol. Like you say I'll keep working on it. What can I talk about?

    Also I suppose there is a line between coming across as something and not being yourself. I tried to keep it as close to being like me as possible for now.

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    Apologies, I must be being really stupid here but. Is there a thread that offers basic descriptions on the basic concepts you guys use?

    You all keep talking about push-pull, qualifying etc but 1. I don't know what you mean by these and 2. basic examples of these concepts in practise.

  5. There is a product reviews section on the forum that you can check out, but otherwise I recommend magic bullets, and there is an online dating guide book by cajun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Love Monkey View Post
    There is a product reviews section on the forum that you can check out, but otherwise I recommend magic bullets, and there is an online dating guide book by cajun.
    Thanks mate!

    Going back to my profiles on Plenty of Fish/OkCupid (basically the same) I've had 10 views since I revamped them and sent out a few mails, and no replies.

    Lol... I must have something majorly wrong with my profiles. That or maybe nobody finds me attractive enough to even talk to me.

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    Online dating is also a numbers game. While I get a ton of numbers, I also send out a ton of messages. You would have to be super attractive with an awesome profile to boot to number close whoever the hell you want to on these sites.

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