Kissing a woman's hand when meeting her: origins;

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    Kissing a woman's hand when meeting her: origins;

    Timinator told me that the origins of kissing a girls hand when you first meet, as in olden times, has its origins in trying to get laid.

    He said that you would take a whiff of the girl's hand to determine whether or not she was having her period, and by extension, if you had any chance of getting laid.

    He references The Scarlet Pimpernell. (I guess the abridged version left that out).

    Has anyone heard this? Google has nothing.

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    I can't say I know the origins of the hand kiss, but I think in modern times it would come off beta.

  3. It really depends on the girl, situation and more so the approach. I've kissed girls's hands then made sexy (with you must be good in bed undertone) and that opened the sexual Channels. Just don't kiss them with closed lips. Be creative. Again, no right or wrong here, go for it and see!

  4. If your pulling off a romantic persona then it's a good call sort of thing women would expect of don juan.

    As for the period stuff I'm not sure I'm a believer as I don't believe you could smell a period that easily and also would men at the time care that much about a period!

  5. Don't know bout the Timinator, BUT as i'm to know it for me its an OLD fable (old wifes tale) believe as you will BUT its ALL B***S !!!( sorry of my word)

  6. When Im in America (Im from Australia but travel to the states a lot), I will kiss a chick on the hand only when I am introduced to her. Ive gotten heaps of positive reactions from the girls and the seem to think it fits in with the whole Australian/foreign/"exotic" personality I convey. Doesnt work as well back home though... something to think about.

  7. kissing hands

    if you want to seem really seductive, after kissing it, lick her middle finger then suck on the tip. works every time

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