[Online Game] Flirty Banter with Cute Asian Chick

Found her on a Q&A website. Contacted her by answering her question.

Her Posted Question: Do you eat escargot?
Me: No. But there's definitely something else I'd like to eat...*hint hint*
Her: Oysters ? Clams ?
Me: You are so coy! You must be the good girl type...
Her: ~.~
Me: B/c I know bad girls like oysters, not escargot.
Her: I likeee oysters too
Me: Let me ask you this: How do you eat your oysters? Do you put them in your mouth and chew or do you swallow them whole?
Her: Ofcourse mouth and chewwww
Me: Wow you are so not a bad girl. You know I could imagine you in a pikachu costume, squeezing your red cheeks, saying "pika-chuuuu"
Her: ewwwwwwwwww I won't say that..xp
ull nvr know I can get violent sometimes XD
Me: You're not like Brenda Song in The Social Network film, are you? Because I like my girls sane.
Her: im not as smart as her..:-)
Me: Well you are certainly interesting...enough XD. Tell me three things that would make me want to know more about you and they can't be about your looks or what you do.
Her: hmmmm three..dumb,short,asian ? lol
Me: Wow, is that the best you can do? You're just one step away from being allowed to join my circle of cool people
Her: lol I'm not a bit near to cool..thxs anyway :-)

What did I do right/wrong? Is this "set" done for or what should I reply with next? Thanks