Who I am, why I am here, and why I need your help. [LONG!]
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    Who I am, why I am here, and why I need your help. [LONG!]

    Hi there. My name is Ryan and I am 22. I am here because I recently learned about the community after a lifelong struggle of being an AFC. In my opinion, I was worse than an AFC. There were times when I thought I had Aspergers because I was so socially awkward, which made me even more awkward. Everyone seemed to like me, but socializing just didn't work for me. I attribute it to the fact that I was homeschooled from grades 2-6, then somewhat bullied in the 7th grade, my first year back to public school. There were a few good friends, and many others that just sort of accepted me as their friend's friend, but never girls.

    What I did have, though, was good looks. I am pretty damn good looking. Through this I was able to net a highschool sweetheart that adored me. We had amazing sex for 3 years straight. She even got fake breasts "for me" without even having to ask. Then one day she left me. She left me for a guy who, if standing next to me, looked incredibly ugly. He was fat, with a big head and nothing that stood out in my mind. She also told me his penis was drastically smaller than mine and that she missed it, but refused to have sex with me.

    For my entire life my game was my looks. It was all I had. Rather than trying to improve, I had unknowingly resorted to "oneitis". As a result I was still that socially awkward kid that I had always been. The only difference was that I now had a little more confidence. What did this guy, this "one-thief", have that I didn't? I wanted to learn. I wasn't quite ready though.

    Two years has passed since the break up. Since then, I mustered up a decent job and started doing MMA training, a dream of mine for awhile (I was in wrestling my entire life). Once this half of my life was somewhat on track (professional objectives), I realized it was time for the other half (romantic objectives) to also board the train. But I had no idea where to start. I accepted the failure and pushed it aside, trying to ignore it. It's simply impossible to ignore one of our human instincts.

    My brother has been an active member of the community for quite some time. He is 4 years my senior. He's always been somewhat of a player. Less than 2 weeks ago I had a memory of how he was raving to me about this book called "The Game" and that it could teach people how to pick up women. When I first heard I thought it was nonsense. I didn't believe in tricks and canned lines (my assumption of what the book was about). I thought men were supposed to be slaves to women in order to get sex from them. What a twist I was in for! I began researching this book and the idea behind it.

    I was glued to my computer screen all night. "The Game" was on it's way from Amazon, and before I knew it there was an entire new world waiting to be encountered.

    I present to you, The_Prize. If my user name hasn't hinted enough, I have changed a lot in the course of 2 weeks. What is most fascinating to me is that this change is mostly through implied knowledge. I understand the game at a very basic level (at least in my head - I can't execute properly in public sets yet). Luckily for me, I had the perfect opportunity for shy-guy testing ground: TEXTING.

    This girl must have added me on facebook almost a year ago. Neither of us knew eachother nor had any mutual friends. I thought it was strange. I remember specifically asking her why she added me and she said because I was cute. After some time returning messages back and forth she gave me her number. We almost got on a date but then something came up and she couldn't. The next time I heard from her she had a boyfriend.

    She texted me about a week ago with a naive, "Hey ", so I figured she was single again, and I was right. This time, however, I knew about the game and I was eager to test it in the field. Here is how it went down:

    Her: "Hey "
    Me: "Hey how is the hottest mom doing on this fine day "

    Note: She is 19 with a 2 year old daughter

    Her: " That made me smile I am doing good u?"

    I couldn't think of any game.

    Me: "Not much. I don't normally work Tuesday's but my best friends grampa is in the hospital so I;m working for him. I should probably go though, I'll txt u later or something."

    Later that night

    Me: "What are you up to?" (EEEEK, I wish I wouldve known about this website before sending this, but I DO make up for it magically)

    Her: At work u

    Me: "Just got off work. Is that just a smiley face or are you actually smiling? Because I charge $5 every time I make you smile and I'm not there to see it. Better watch out "

    It was brilliant. I was even more proud because I had come up with this specific one myself.

    Her: "Lol no I am actually smiling"

    Mer: "Looks like you're gonna go broke then. I mean, unless we hang out sometime soon. Sound good?"

    Her: "Sounds good to me "

    Me: "I thought you'd say that Anyways I gotta go. I have the bedtime of a 7 year old. I should've been to sleep over an hour ago lol. Have a nice night cutie."

    Her: "Ok night "

    I could have used absolutely zero game and she may have agreed to a date simply because she thought I was cute. The difference, though, was immense. I could tell she was drooling over me and almost dumbfounded. It was a great feeling.

    From there it was simple. Over the next few days I pushed her, pulled her, and teased her, until finally I gave her an option of days and hours to choose from where I was free and told her to pick one. She chose this coming Tuesday. This, community, is where I have come to you for advice. I wrote down a few notes, an opener, and a routine which I will share with you now.

    - Generate immediate Kino and escalate quickly, then rip it away from her just when she is enjoying it most. From then on she is the cat. She wants the string. Don't let her have it until she is begging.

    - You are in charge
    - Think logically, not sexually. You don't want to have sex with her. You want to seduce her so she wants to have sex with you.
    - SMILE
    - Eye Contact
    - Tonality

    - Greet her and demand "Three kisses" and kiss her on the left cheek, right cheek, then peck her on the lips.

    Once inside, say "Oh my gosh! No way..."
    Her, "What?"
    Either reply with a neg, or demand her to do a little spin like on a runway?
    Then, "That's crazy. On the way here I stopped at a gas station and a girl was wearing that exact same outfit. But it's okay, you look much better in it."

    Follow up:
    Then give her a piggyback ride so she can show you around the house.
    When she gets to her room, jokingly buck her off by doing a tripod so that she rolls forward and onto her back gently. Tell her I want to play a game but in order for it to work she has to trust me. Ask her if she trusts me.

    Possible responses,
    "Yes" Green light.
    "Not yet" or "No" -- Then what? Or just skip question to avoid this response?

    Once ready, tell her to close her eyes and take 3 deep breaths while thinking happy thoughts. On the inhale of the 3rd breath begin leaning in and on the exhale kiss her. It will be an upside down kiss as I wouldnt want to make her too uncomfortable by my body being on top of hers so fast. Just a moment after she begins kissing me back and liking it, I pull away, jump up and exclaim "Free trial is over!" and then get her to chase me out of the room. From that point on she is mine.

    Any thoughts or suggestions to improve my gameplan would be great!


    That's all I have for you guys. I tried to eliminate unnecessary details and get to the point. Hope it wasn't too long, and thanks for reading.

    I will appreciate any and all comments and questions, but most importantly this date is on Tuesday and I want to be as prepared as I possibly can.

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    Welcome to the site, it only gets better from here!

  3. I'm looking forward to your growth and progress. I'm new on here myself but I've been on the fringes for a while. Even naturals and experienced guys can learn from your experiences so share away with your date on Tuesday. Everything is trial and error, so go ahead with your plan and see if it works.

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    Hey man, glad to see you decided to sign up and post. I kind of already shared my thoughts to you over facebook, but I'd like to add a few things. I'm almost 2 years into my journey now, and it has certainly been one. Hell, just 3 weeks ago I went on a date with this 10, my dream girl (she looks like Emmanuelle Chrique from Entourage), and she was loving me the entire date. I got her back to my house, making out in my bed and then I blew it. We were having such a great time together, I had 1 too many beers which she kind of forced on me, and I told her she might be the one! Talk about dating suicide. It was over after that. What I'm trying to say is that there will be some frustrations on the long way and a lot of learning experiences. I'm still learning new things everyday. Just strive to become a better person everyday and strive to become the type of man that high value women find intriguing and want to be with.

    I know you have it in you, and I don't think you're as socially awkward as you say you are. Feel free to call me or facebook me with any questions along the way. And this is a great resource too, as there are guys with way more experience and knowledge on the subject than myself. Let me know how tomorrow night goes.

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    As for the date tonight, it didn't happen. Even though she said she was free, she actually wasn't. She had orientation at her work from 2-7 and she could only get babysitting for her daughter until 8. This is the same shit that happened the last time too (way back when), so I'm just gonna have to play it by ear and see what happens. Honestly I'm not even worried about it, I just want to get out and practice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Prize View Post
    As for the date tonight, it didn't happen. Even though she said she was free, she actually wasn't. She had orientation at her work from 2-7 and she could only get babysitting for her daughter until 8. This is the same shit that happened the last time too (way back when), so I'm just gonna have to play it by ear and see what happens. Honestly I'm not even worried about it, I just want to get out and practice.
    Yeah dude, don't sweat this chick too bad. It sounds like shes hot and would be fun to fuck, but maybe that's it. Do you really want to date a chick that has a kid? And sounds like has a shitty job and lives with her mom? It's not the worst thing in the world, but you should sit down and write down all of the qualities that you want in a woman. Really think about it and make it a long list. Mine is very long, and specific.

    Brown eyes
    College Educated
    it goes on...

    It might not seem like it helps right away, but in the long run it does. And being selective is appealing to women.

  7. Break up your posts to address one small piece at a time and you will get more help. Anything that is TLDR won't get read by most people.

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