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    So I found the dorky bartender at the strip club is more fun than the strippers. I started to test some jokes against her and she loved them. Now we have an ongoing thing where I tell her a joke and she tells me a story about her life.

    So far she does the following:
    1. Gives me refills and free shots
    2. Leans in to tell me her stories. (fine breasts!)
    3. Returns to me as soon as she is done with another customer to tell me stories.

    So far I do the following:
    1. Tease her about being a flirt, And her fashion sense.
    2. Disqualify myself by making her out to be a bad girl.
    3. Not react to her tests.
    4. Use humor to get her more comfortable.

    So, I'm thinking I'm the nice customer who is more fun than the regular dudes that bring her drama. She actually seemed weirded out by the $10 tip I left for the free drinks so I recovered by asking for change and gave her a smaller tip.

    so, anyone see a game worthy opportunity here? Any suggestions on how to escalate beyond the bar?

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    Don't read too much into it- I'd bet a fake internet dollar on her being a former stripper, maybe just a few years too old to keep dancing, so now she works bar. Just a thought.

  3. Actually she is pretty young. She can dance but not quite stripper worthy.

    I'll try to find out more about her the next time I stop by. I have to DHV, maybe tell her about when I was growing up and volunteering, Auto racing, getting stabbed...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Love Monkey View Post
    Actually she is pretty young. She can dance but not quite stripper worthy.

    I'll try to find out more about her the next time I stop by. I have to DHV, maybe tell her about when I was growing up and volunteering, Auto racing, getting stabbed...
    You should consider keeping the stabbing story in your back pocket for a few dates... some chicks will be impressed by it, other chicks will see it as low-class. Auto racing is money, though. Good luck!

  5. Was at the bar last night. I fended off strippers left and right. One stripper out witted me and I had to get real and decline the dance directly.

    I only saw the bartender as I was getting ready to leave. She practically ran by, but paused long enough to give me a half hug from behind. Zero escalation due to the busy night. Oh well, I'm busy on sunday when she runs one of the bars so I'll have to rebuild the next weekend.

  6. I was not going to make the weekend again so I stopped by mid week. I ran into her and she was seemingly very happy to see me. Instant hand holding. She wanted to continue our game so I did a bit, and then I transitioned from simple jokes to showing interest.

    I got some pointers from her on how to approach women (she goes relaxed direct), and interrupted her to use her lines on herself... She missed what I was doing twice, so I looked at her and asked her if she knew what I was doing... Ohhh yeah it was too funny. She was amused to say the least. I got some good kino in busting her on looking in the mirror all the time. Qualified her maturity with lots of help from her... but still told her she is to young for me. Pull-push... Reversals happen when I get stupid.

    I tried to DHV but could only get it done indirect by talking to someone else about racing with a crazy instructor. She plied me with more shots and then I chilled with a cool dancer before leaving. The bartender grabbed my hands and told me to come back, she would be there all week.

    Not sure if I'm anywhere beyond the customer zone. I see how she talks to other customers and she is the friendly sort. I think I'll do some day game for another week before going back.

  7. I think the only move left is to escalate her out of the club. Got as much hand holding and talking as possible. I'll work on some compliance tests and then invite her out.

  8. Botched it. She denied my game... Kind of. Said she can't exchange numbers, and she is a hard nut to crack. Sounded more like "you need to do better, and not ask when the other bartender is right there"... Well I'll play it cool and pretend it never happened.

  9. Looks like the site had some issues. Fader had a response asking about why I did not go out with her after the first interaction... I think.

    Well, I don't always read the other person well while in game. I also get wrapped up in just having a good time so I forget to close. A wing will usually remind me to close.

    As a result, when I try to remember to close I usually do so too early or late, when the iron is luke warm. It would have been better to close when she was in charge of her own bar... The first time around. Got to work more on that social intuition.

    I have noticed one other bartender being nice, and the other three being bland. I was there the day the second nice bartender started, and I was in a leftover super game mode from the first bartender. Yes, I have a thing for hot bartenders .

  10. Just reviving this to make note of an observation. The other bartender has started behaving like the first one... And it feels like she has learned some of my game. WTF! Well I suppose it is a compliment that we either have similar game behaviors, or she liked my style (kino!)

    Damn she was deadly. I moved faster on this one, but noticed the manager in the corner too late. Meh, whatever... Wished the first one a good night and happy mothers day.

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