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    I live in Vegas and went to the Rhino for the Superbowl this past year. I'm a big Giants fan so by the time we won the super bowl I was blackout and started coming out of it by the time I talked to this one particular stripper. Unfortunately, I don't remember a lot of the details.

    I remember I cubed her and I remember that SHE bought ME a drink she was having such a good time. I obviously didn't pay for any dances, although I did buy the 2nd round when the conversation kept going. We exchanged numbers and she texted me first a couple of days later.

    The texting was going well. A lot of teasing and stuff strait out of these forums that is tested and worked really well on this girl too. And she reaffirmed my vague memory of things going well in the strip club by saying, "Well if you had stayed longer, people would have started to wonder if we were an item ..." Her next text asked me 'if I was with another XXXX (her name) right now' almost inviting a hang out session or something. The problem was that I had a lymph-node infection the day after the superbowl, had to go the hospital and it looked like I had a baseball sticking out of my neck for almost a week so I couldn't see her immediately.

    A few days later, I texted her saying that I needed her help devising a plan to erradicate world peace. Teased a bit, she seemed to like it, but the conversation ended abruptly - not sure what happened. I texted a few days later saying she popped in my head and to get out of there. She texted the next day apologizing for the delay but she wanted to stay out! but asked me how I was. Before I had a chance to repond, I accidentally sent a different text to her, causing it to get a little awkward and I haven't had contact since (mid February).

    I was wondering what the best way to reconnect is. I'm hoping my first impression is enough to still give me a shot. I was thinking about "Hey, I just got back from my trip to Fiji. Consider World Peace officially erradicated." or "We did it! I just got back from Fiji and world peace is officially erradicated! =P" But I'm not sure that conversation was recent enough to use call-back humor. What do you guys think?

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    1) Did she give you the infection?

    2) Skip the Fiji text, it's geeky. She wants to stay out? Fail.

    Honestly, how many other dudes are going through this right now with the same stripper? 5?

  3. Haha, first of all no - my jaw started hurting the the Friday or Saturday before the superbowl.

    And I felt like her buying me a drink signified that I at least had her out of stripper mode - I've gotten stripper numbers before and never have I had that happen or even seen it. And she made me memorize her number and text her when I got out of the club so she doesn't regularly give out her number. Or maybe she does, I guess that doesn't really prove anything.

    I can copy our whole text conversation for you to judge if she was into it or not, it seems unnecessary though. I feel pretty confident she was interested, at least she was the couple of days following. Not saying I still have a shot. I figured I'd post though and maybe someone would have an idea.

  4. She probably was into you at the time. Strippers have the attention span of a 3 year old. Actually some 3 year olds have longer attention spans. Forget about it. The previous poster is right, she's "connected" with another 5 guys by now at least. It is true that she doesn't connect with most of the guys she meets, but she's met 500 guys by now, or more.

    If you want to connect with a stripper, go to a club, meet another one and do the same things you did with the first one (if you can remember). And then follow up less than 3 months later. Ideally less than 3 hours later.

  5. I don't disagree with that at all. And I very much plan on continuing to go to strip clubs and game strippers regardless of how this works out. It's probably my favorite kind of game.

    But I have no shame, and I will be texting this girl - I just want to use optimal strategy in doing so. If it fails, I lose nothing.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Ghost_Man View Post
    I don't disagree with that at all. And I very much plan on continuing to go to strip clubs and game strippers regardless of how this works out. It's probably my favorite kind of game.

    But I have no shame, and I will be texting this girl - I just want to use optimal strategy in doing so. If it fails, I lose nothing.
    Okay if you want to do that, just send her something interesting and entertaining from your life. Mention something funny that happened, something cool that you're excited about, etc. Leave some bait in there for her to ask about it. Proceed from there. The Phone and Text Game book calls this a long fuse.

    But the thing is, what are you trying to accomplish? Are you going to be in Vegas?

  7. I live in Vegas, but haven't been back to the Rhino since. I almost went this weekend when some friends were in town which is what made me think of it.

    I like what you're saying though. I've been brainstorming a bit and I'm struggling to make it seem relevant. How is "My friends were in town and really wanted to go to The Hustler. Why didn't you warn me?!" And talk about a ridiculous thing that happened there if she inquires. That way there is at least a reason to text her out of the blue: a strip club reminded me of her and further more, I have standards: DHV. It seems like if I go with any of the generic ones like, "I bet my weekend can beat up your weekend," without any kind of introduction it will seem weird.

    I also just remembered that we texted for a quick minute about the show "The New Girl" which I think is on tonight? Or tomorrow night? Maybe this would be a good reason to text her and then I can go into long fuse texts? I am out of my comfort zone here with long fuses, thanks guys.

  8. I wouldn't bring up strip clubs, but you seem to be on the right track. Find something interesting that relates to your conversation and it might make enough impact for her to reply. If she even still has the same phone number.

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