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    How is Germany?

    Hi there. I am thinking of applying for a 3 month rotation in Wiesbaden germany for my job. How is it over there? Are the women friendly or really go for American guys? Or is the place in general just worth to visit.

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    I've lived here for almost 1.5 year now and im doing pretty fine.. I am having a bit of trouble with the language barrier but overall positive results.

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    Language barrier --> not a big problem!

    Since I live in NRW, a western part of Germany, I often go out in cities like dusseldorf, Cologne, Bonn, Koblenz etc.
    I found out, that language barrier is not a big concern if you go english. Foreigners are here everywhere and many of them are speaking english, so locals are aware of the fact that they have to be fluent in english if they want to have real fun.

    No offence, but I discovered that german dudes are un-trained (almost no game at all), so women go for foreigners easier.
    Of course it is not the case in 100% of case, yet this tendency is clear.

    Dusseldorf is toughest though, since everything is a bit 'plastic' here. its challenging, yet rewarding! :-)

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