Girl I really like.. what to do?
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  1. Girl I really like.. what to do?

    Hey everyone. I know this question has probably been posted a million times, but I could really use some guidance.
    I met a girl about a month ago and we dated for a while. I spend the night a couple of times at her place and then she decided to end it. I spend the night at her place about 4 times and every time we kissed, touched and stuff, but no sex. On the few dates we had we cooked each other dinner, went out for some drinks and overall had fun. Then we didn't talk for a while and now we started texting a little bit again and see each other at parties. At this last party we both attended I danced with another girl and then she became jealous. And she texted me saturday If I was out and so on. So the question is what do I do now? Is there still a change of getting this girl - and how should I do it. Or is it best just to forget about her and move on. Even though I now this is going to be very hard. Any advice please..

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    Yes, if she's still contacting you, and getting jealous, then there's a chance. But, you already knew that. Invite her to hangout with you, when you're out work your magic on her, if she lmr's when you get her in the bed, go cold for a minute, then start over, repeat until she rips your clothes off and jumps you. Don't ever count yourself out.

  3. But what should I do to re-ignite the original attraction? I text her once in a while - just casual and we hang out at parties and so on where i'm being cool. Having fun, talking to others, flirting a bit with other girls, talking to her and all that shit, but how do I get her to think, that perhaps she made a mistake about not wanting to see me anymore

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