Early text game

Met this girl through a friend of mine. I'm 20 and she's 17. Met her about 6 months ago, when my friend was going for her friend. They drifted away from eachother so I never saw her again. About a month ago she adds me on fb so i figured fuck it. Start chatting her up a little then ask her out. She never says no but says she thought it was weird because we dont know eachother that well. I said what better way to get to know eachother than to go for dinner. Conversation ended a little later and I left it for a month.

Started talking to her about 2 weeks ago because I think she's cute so I wanted to give it another go. Came off less strong at this point and took the lets get to know eachother route. Got her number and have been texting her a little bit here and there. She gives flirty texts and sometimes leaves small answers with a smily face or something along those lines. I was thinking she may have been testing to see how much I would try for her. Went with it a few times but now it seems like all I'm doing is asking questions. I've probably only texted her 4 times now. The first few conversations were good, spaced them out well so I didn't seem needy at all. The last one was a little dry but she seemed excited that I was texting her.

She doesn't seem like the type to text the guy first. I was facebooking her last week end. Got her number. Texted her the day after. she was at work then text me after, jst as i was going into the movies so i said id text her after. She fell asleep. Text her the next day and she was at a concert. said she would text me the next day. Never text back so i waited 4 days then shot her a text. Convo was good flirty and back and forth, made fun of her playfully. I went to soccer and never text her back. Hit her back the 2 days later (yesterday). More playful jokes here and there ( mostly me ). Then it got to be more questions then conversation. Still giving me the smily faces and answering back till arond 130 am, when I assume she fell asleep.

What I'm getting at is where do I go from here? I'm confident that once I get her on a date she'll be into me. I'm a good looking guy with a good personality, just find it difficult to convey my personality to its fullest over text. Do I wait for her to text me now then ask her out? Text her in a couple days and ask her out? Or keep texting till I feel she is more comfortable with me?

Let me know what you think, thanks