Nick Hoss Mini Seminar – Cape Town, March 2012

A few weeks ago I attended Nick's Mini Seminar. Having just ended a 2 year relationship, I needed a little logic, reasoning and, honestly, hope in my life.

Nick went through the basics and touched on various more advanced points too. Having been teaching myself for a few years now, i was pleasantly surprised at just how much I learnt. I think there is a limit to the amount you can learn in a book, or even in-field before you want to fast track your progress and understanding in person with one of the masters. Nick proved to be exactly that: incredibly knowledgeable, experienced and really just passionate.

I walked away from the experience enlightened (one relationship epiphany later) and really just satisfied with my little investment.

I would recommend the Mini-Seminar to anyone, just starting out or more experienced. Either way you will get a LOT out of it. Keep it up, Nick. And thank you.