Operation: Prometheus
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    Operation: Prometheus

    I’ve had this itch I haven’t been able to scratch ever since I stopped doing day game. Every day, for the past two years, there hasn’t been a day that has gone by where I haven’t thought about getting back into it. However, every day I would have to remind myself that day game is a thing of the past for me. Day game has given me a girl that I love and a girl I can see myself spending the rest of my life with, so really, what’s the point of me in continuing?

    She’s nothing short of amazing this girl, and I love her to death. I’ve shared my life with her for two years now and I haven’t regretted a single day. In case you’re wondering, yes, she knows about my day game antics I once got myself into.

    But that damn itch never seems to go away! Is it that I have a desire to date other women? Not even close. Is it that I have a desire to go out and hit on every good looking girl possible to make myself feel cool? Trust me, I’m already cool enough. This itch seems to be rooted deep in my subconscious somewhere from around the time day game took over my life. I always wanted to become a day game instructor during that time, so I guess I just have a leftover desire to help others.

    These past two years, I have met countless men that haven’t had a clue about approaching women, let alone while the sun is overhead. Why is it that men have this mentality that random women are untouchable or even impossible to talk to unless the moon is out and they’re four drinks in at a club or a bar on a Friday/Saturday night at 1:00 in the morning? Not sure, but they have motivated me to come back and start Operation:Prometheus.

    With more than 300 approaches under my belt from when I was actually daygaming seriously, you better believe I got damn good at it by the time I stopped. But how good am I now? Actually, your guess is as good as mine considering I haven’t approached a single girl ever since I stopped in 2010. Am I rusty? Well find out. Am I cut out to give people advice on daygame anymore like I once was? Well see. Is it ok for me to be hitting on good looking women while I have a girlfriend? Probably not, but if it even motivates one person it will be worth it. Are girls even attracted to me anymore? I’m still a stud, so no concerns there

    Operation:Prometheus will give you valuable insight on what I am thinking during my approaches, what I am saying during my approaches and how women respond to my advances. Besides providing some solid field reports, I will occasionally type up articles that give you daygame tips. Eventually, once I bring myself back up to speed with this stuff and I feel I've reached a good enough level, I will grant selected people the opportunity to join me in helping them with daygame face to face. Like Prometheus from Greek mythology, I am here to bring you fire!

    If you’re looking forward to me dating other girls and posting up lay reports, you’re in the wrong place. The only lays ill be getting are the ones from my girlfriend, and no, I wont be making any lay reports on those :P. I am here to show you how to approach a woman properly, transition naturally, develop attraction spontaneously, when the proper time for qualification is and how to walk away with a solid number; that is the extent of the fire I will provide you with.

    The operation starts Monday.

    _Stay frosty_
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