Eye contact in closed environments with teacher/trainer

Hey all,

I have a question about eye contact. I've noticed myself making eye contact with girls in class and during sport lessons in a confined room where it is impossible to strike up a conversation, because of either distance or because you cannot talk because the disrespect for the teacher/trainer. When, per example, our boxing teacher is giving an example, and he stands in the middle of the room with his pupils encircled around him, I make eye contact with the girls across of me.

Should I try to ignore them and pay attention to the teacher/trainer/whatever as if I find physical activity more important than petty girls, thus raising my value? Should I try to make eye contact as much as possible? If I make eye contact with them, how do I use my facial gestures to flirt/DHV/etc? Keep in mind the girls I am talking about are no strangers, but people I know to varying degrees. I would like to hear your opinions/advice/theories/experience on this matter.

Thanks in advance.