Response time/ letting a fish run with the line
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    Response time/ letting a fish run with the line


    So I've got my latest girl (run through Facebook, but we've known each other since we were 7, but we hadn't seen each other since, and we were an item [as much as you can be in early grade school] and the attraction is definitely still there after all these years) and we've been having a good back-and-forth with the messages, but yesterday she doesn't seem to have logged on to my reply, and today she hasn't written back.

    This is not an AFC post about "Waah I'm an AFC, how do I make this chick love me?" blah blah blah She has my response in her inbox, and shall not get another one until she caves. I only reward good behavior.

    My question: how long should I wait before responding, when she replies? I feel I need to reciprocate by delaying my own response. If it takes her 1 day, wait 1 day? If it takes her 2, I wait 3 or 4?

    Assuming a I get a response tonight, I'm thinking radio silence until Sunday as it's the weekend and I "have stuff to do" (only homework, but w/e).

    Suggestions, gentlemen?

  2. A great strategy is to mirror her response times, outlined somewhere on heartiste(google it if u don't know)

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    Interesting page, but slightly misogynistic (and very long). Thanks tho! I commented on a status of hers and she commented back in a few minutes.

    Elsewhere on this forum, I read that some people aren't getting an inbox notification for new messages on FB... I suspect this might be the case, so I need to trick her into checking her inbox without me sending her there directly. She seems reasonably needy, so the lack of response to that message strikes me as odd.

  4. I usually mirror response times as well, but occasionally I run into girls with infinite patience and vanity. I wait 3 days to her 3 and she waits 4. I wait 5 to start a NEW topic. I don't get a message for a week. My current girlfriend is one of them. I have yet to figure out how to break it down.

    One thing I have noticed is that if there is a deadline such as a meetup most girls (and I) will drop the games and make responses that conform to the needs of the situation.

    I would wait a few days; as long as you generally follow the mirror time you shouldn't have an issue. One way I skirt this is by making quick replies when I know she knows that I have time. E.g. if I say I am sick (or an equivalent thing that means excessive free time) then every reply I send is done fairly quickly- this is done so she is not desensitized to waiting for my messages. I am basically desensitized to my gf waiting- I feel no anxiety because there are never exceptions to her rule.

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    I commented on her status, and in the resulting convo she gave me her # (unsolicited, this shit is as effortless as it was in 1989!). I then told her I'd send mine to her inbox (trick delivered!). I love this internet shit, it's DA BOMB

    She says text her tomorrow. I think that might be a shit test. Sunday works better for me.
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