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    career change?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to change careers. I'm currently in Law Enforcement, but I want to move to club promotions cause it looks like a lot of fun and seems like something I could genuinely be good at, but I've never done that kind of work before at all and I'm at a loss for how to even start going about it. Any tips or advice from guys who are already in that field? I think I might have a step in the door though with a friend of mine's cousin who's currently the day manager of the high end gentleman's club.

    I just need some advice on how to get started in this new career...I'm tired of dealing with the scum of the earth on a daily basis and really looking for a solid change.


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    Enjoy the reduction in pay and reduced social status. Why not move into protective services? You could be Rihanna's bodyguard, or something cool like that.

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    All that glitters isn't gold. I know 3 people who promoted clubs, and they grew to despise it. But for them it was work, I think your looking at all the potential girls, after parties and all that jazz, right?

    You got the friend's cousin at the gentleman's club as a potential connect, you can talk to him and see if he'll give you a start, and introduce you to others in that field, but you knew that.

    The internet is your friend and enemy here. Through social networking you're gonna have to build a big following, with lots of people that you could invite to the clubs, put on guest list, and help spread word for you. That's what you bring to the table. So the main thing you should probably be doing right now is building that network. The net also hurts you cause the clubs have their own social networks that they promote themselves. Anyway, the bigger your following the better your chances of surviving in that world. You would probably need to live in or near a city, where the nightlife is "happening" to make good money.

    But, I wouldn't call it solid work.

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    How did you get into law enforcement if you don't mind me asking?

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    local connect in my hometown gave me a leg up, but I've been standing on my own for the last 3 years, however shit's getting old...need a change. This gig is really affecting my outlook on life.

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    I hear you on that Kingzapp. I'm about to graduate with a masters in counseling and don't even think I can do this work anymore. Listening to everyones problems every single day is seriously draining. Anyone got any ideas? I'm located just south of Toronto in Buffalo, NY.

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    Give this a try:

    Come up with a fundraiser of some sort, maybe for the police department, something your Captain or Chief can sign off on, and see if you can hold the fundraiser in a nightclub. This gives you an excuse to talk to promoters and everything they would be doing on their end to promote the event. You'd also have TV,radio, and social media to help promote it. And while you're doing that, you can talk some of the hired guns, esp. security and promoters, into going on a ridealong, and just get the info out of them on what "a friend of yours" is thinking of doing.

    You should get a taste of party hosting, organizing and planning on small and big scales. Doing something like a fundraiser, maybe some sort of bachelor auction where you and your buddies get auctioned off for a date. The clubs usually donate the space, and after the event, if it's a weekend night will usually tell people they can stay if they want.

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    wow, that's a cool idea. I like that, but it might have to wait until after elections for a fundraiser but I really like the idea of the bachelor auction.

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    Law enforcement is a good job, man.

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