Future Bootcamp - NYC, March 2012
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    Future Bootcamp - NYC, March 2012

    What I expected

    I read shitloads about Future and I've listened to all his interview series - the guy is a legend and I felt extremely lucky to have the privelege of attending one of his programs. I expected to have my world rocked and my reality torn apart. I expected to learn a LOT, have some harsh truths exposed and ultimately develop as a stronger person. For these kinds of goals, there are few better mentors than Future. I was also looking forward to being forced out of my comfort zone. Having the support network of the industry's best dating coaches and a group of cool guys with the same goals as you makes it way easier to approach girls and ignore negative thoughts.

    What I Saw

    Watching Future talk to women is amazing. He walks into a set and BOOM! Everyone automatically assumes 'spectator' mode and women's eyes light up as they hang on to every word. Whether he stops one girl or opens a 5 set or a mixed group, Future's reputation is backed. He is a master.

    The other instructors who helped out were awesome too: Chance, Intrigue, Sterling and Big Business. All of these guys have come from places of frustration, studied and learned the art of being awesome and have rich, full lives armed with a master-level Love Systems skill set that allures women and further enriches their lives. Most inspiring were both Future and Intrigue, their stories are ones of true triumph.

    What I learned

    I learned to tell myself that excuses always make sense, but they're never acceptable. I learned to never ask permission to speak to anyone. I learned that attraction, qualification and comfort are not 5 minute phases that get over and done with, these concepts exist throughout the entire course any successful relationship. They don't stop. I also learned a lot about pushing comfort zones and how to have good dates that lead to sex.


    Future ran an awesome seminar. He's intelligent, highly entertaining and has a strong way with his words. He covered his '10 Rules' (worth framing and put up on your wall), opening, transitioning (which is not just a phase, but an essential conversational tool for plowing, handling tests and all kinds of other uses), teasing and the science of attractive, organic conversation. His in-class exercises are fun and make you a better conversationalist.

    Future answers any question or query with no loss for words. His debriefs are also very insightful and helpful, he can observe you for a minute and tell you so much about yourself and your game just from that snippet of in-field action.

    Future has a dynamic and multi- dimensional teaching style that caters for everyone, his enthusiasm is contagious and you can't help but learn SO MUCH while still having fun. Awesome teacher and mentor.

    In Field

    Bars and Clubs are the instructors playgrounds - they show no fear and even if you have AA, this puts you at ease. Watching instructors like Future and Intrigue work just makes you think "Damn, I want that." It's inspiring.

    Future - Legend. Same as I wrote above, his skills and high energy approach gives him an amazing ability to capture attention. He looks like a celebrity.

    Intrigue - I saw him tell a 9 she was gorgeous as she walked past, his game is awesome. Her eyes lit up and she was so engaged, ignoring her friend who was trying to get her attention while Intrigue was hitting on her. He's also a super cool guy who knows pick- up inside out, I was in set for a few minutes and ejected at a high point to get some feedback.. He's great at analysis and gives practical and useful advice. Very easy to get along with.

    Chance - I learned a lot about mentality from Chance. He's a friendly guy who makes everyone (I mean EVERYONE) his friend. I can't imagine a girl not wanting to talk to him, or a guy wanting to fight him.. his vibe is super positive and it radiates. He pushed me into some sets too, he's a great motivator and has sick game (particularly attraction).

    Going Forward

    Future stressed that practice is key. The difference between those who get good and those who don't is practice. As a group we did really well, on both nights students were number closing and making out with girls all over the place, two of us each pulled a girl home too. Applying Future's teachings explodes your game and deciding to take his program is simply a result of whether you want to read posts online or actually get this area of your life handled.

    I met some great guys this weekend who I'll be friends with for a long time. Bootcamps aren't full of awkward nerds but cool, down to earth guys who want to learn some game and improve their dating lives.

    Personally, I want mastery. I have a long way to go in my development but I have also come along way from where I started (most of which I attribute to Mr M – an incredible mentor, and Future). Taking a Love Systems Bootcamp, particularly a Future bootcamp, will change your life.

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    Awesome review. It was great hanging with you!
    E-mail me at intrigue@lovesystems.com if you are interested in working with me. Serious inquiries only!

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    Great review dude! Good to hear how much you enjoyed it
    Awesome work from Future and the crew as usual!
    Keep on Killing it
    Project Rockstar 2013

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    Future NYC Bootcamp - March 12

    It's been two weeks and I still believe this Bootcamp with Future was one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I had a blast. It has certainly taken me a while to put words together on this weekend because to be honest I did not know exactly how best to convey the excitement and awesomeness I felt after all was said and done. I wanted to craft something that would most honestly and concisely convey how much fun I had but all I have after two weeks is:

    "Hours of lecture, hours of live practice, openness, and drive = the recipe to a triumphant weekend." - Written on a note in my phone while on the plane to Tokyo less than a week after bootcamp.

    Its not very poetic but I hope you get the point.

    I 100% cosign everything Aladdin stated in his review. He's spot on with his review.

    I've been a pretty non-active participant of the pick up community for a few years now. I read the Game a few years back, signed up to this forum and pretty much allowed my priorities to shift away from all things pick up. While not terrible, it's certainly unfortunate that I've waited so long to take part and get involved in a meaningful way. Future's bootcamp is serious a kick in the butt. During the day, there's a ton of information given out in lecture form so you have to be prepared to take notes, listen, ask questions where necessary and possible, and reach out to your classmates. During the evening, push yourself to follow through on everything you've learned and try your damnedest to have fun. You will see results.

    I highly recommend those who have not attended a bootcamp to stop thinking about it and do it. To those on the fence, get off and join in. Once you've committed to do it, cast away any expectations that changes will be made on you without you making any personal effort. Future and the rest of the instructors gave us tons of information, and they pushed us into action whenever possible. However, I personally feel the best results manifested themselves when we, respectively, applied all the effort we could to listen to, learn from, and apply their coaching.

    At $2,997, Future's bootcamp (and all others) are not cheap but they are certainly one of the best life investments I believe you can make. You're going to meet great people, you're going to do great things, you're going to surprise yourself (if you push yourself), but all of it means nothing if you allow everything you've learned and experienced to die off at the end of bootcamp. After two weeks, bootcamp is an investment that for me is still paying off, and I believe it will continue to do so as long as I make it.

    Another sincere thanks to Future, Intrigue, Chance, I am wholeheartedly grateful for your help this weekend. Thanks to my classmates Aladdin et al. Also to the various women I met that weekend and have met since then I raise my cup of tea beside me as I write this and toast, Cheers, Prost, Kampai and Yahm Pai!

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    I had done quite a bit of reading, and some practicing prior to taking this bootcamp,and tooK a while before deciding to do the bootcamp - after doing it I CAN'T RECOMMEND IT HIGHLY ENOUGH, if you are serious about moving forward in the game - STOP READING AND SIGN UP... Two points - 1. the awesome succinct and current knowledge, and q&a, and ninja expertise and passion and ability to impart knowledge and teach. 2. where it really kicks in is the infield - seeing in real life the level that can be achieved really makes the key points hit home, and hearing point blank the great critiques, and finding out where you are weak is priceless - all the reading in the world will not get you this.


    I was so inspired by these guys that I really threw myself into it. Kept a log as suggested and PRACTICED AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE as suggested. in summary i have seen MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT. sh*t is totally starting to crystallize it's awesome.. it keeps getting better and better (quality, and confidence, and regularity). Do what these guys say and it will work.

    Stats - in 6mths March -Aug

    - 340 approaches (make no mistake.. like anything, this sh*t takes practice)
    - 1 snl
    - 2 day 2 closes, (both i semi dated/ casual sex for a while as they were cute enuff)
    - about 4 additional kiss closes (that I wasn't able to turn into day 2's )
    - many number closes incl a girl from americas top model.. (texted for a while but it dropped off)

    (i did not keep proper track of all the day 2's, but not that many - i'm a bit picky, and very busy)

    this might not sound like a lot - and it's not - but i CAN see infield for myself that i'm vastly better and rapidly improving even if not huge lay numbers etc. , i'm circling the wagons on this shit.. confidence is rising and it's starting to snowball.


    1. Future - total all round ninja, he knows this shit inside out and upside down, he is determined to help you, and he will help you. He will go live with you in set - and you will set what mastery is.. His attraction capabilities is off the charts.. He will also break it down for you, and he is RIGHT !! THE DUDE OWNS TH*S SHIT.

    2. Chance - awesome encouragement, really outstanding.. could not have been more supportive, and encouraging, he really kicked my pushed me outside my boundaries, and did things i would never have done, and NEVER thought would work.. lo and behold - they f'n work!!! .. again - like with future - THESE GUY ARE RIGHT... they know this sh*T .

    in summary DO IT.. !

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