Female student of game. Ask me anything.
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  1. Female student of game. Ask me anything.

    I've been participating on the forums for a little bit now and I'm encouraged to post a thread of my own because I feel I can be useful. I'm probably a lot more self-aware and candid than most of the HBs you guys are working with. I'm walking in both worlds, and I feel a desire to participate in this forum because I think a lot of you are working towards a better understanding of women and social interaction which I find quite inspiring.

    So, if you have questions about women in general, a female perspective on pickup my take on a particular situation, or anything else, I will do my best to answer!

    <3 xb

  2. Send nudes

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    but really

  4. Quote Originally Posted by driedfruit View Post
    Send nudes
    Send engagement ring. A good one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xbman13 View Post
    Send engagement ring. A good one.
    lol PSYCHE!!
    When I am writing in red, it's as an Attraction Forums mod or admin. When I write in normal text, it's just me.

    And remember, if all else fails in set just try this, works everytime.

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    anything you've come across that you really don't agree with?

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    Haha I like this one, welcome to the team xb.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by dubman View Post
    anything you've come across that you really don't agree with?

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    There's a few things.
    1) Posts trying to engineer a certain outcome from a girl, like FWB or open relationships when the girl isn't comfortable.
    You can't make someone okay with something. The most you can do is make them shut up and take it. Not nice, boys. To those guys I say drop such girls, let them find their boyfriends and get back into the game and find someone who is comfortable. There are girls out there who are, especially if you are honest about it.

    2) Too-general assumptions about women.
    One of the ways to succeed with a woman is to recognize and sometimes appreciate the ways in which she deviates from the norm. This is true in dating, this is true in approaches, this is true in online, this is true in pretty much all of life. Be observant, stay on your toes. Keep an open mind and you will learn a lot more nuance than if you learn a routine. It's like jazz, you practice the basics, but your real goal is to be able to improvise the something appropriate on the spot.

    3) Adversarial approaches to dating.
    When you and your LTR are punishing each other, going silent, cheating, playing games, etc. that's NOT normal, that's a shitty relationship. Good LTRs are partners, and if you're having trouble connecting to your girl as an equal you're either with the wrong girl or shouldn't be in an LTR for the time being. You can play games early on but as someone said before, courtship/relationship are different and the latter should definitely be collaborative as opposed to adversarial.

    I'm sure there are other things but that's what has stood out.

  9. Welcome xbman... interesting name for a girl, no?

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    I am interested in why you think you need to learn game?

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