what to do when a girl gives you her number and says "text me sometime"?
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    what to do when a girl gives you her number and says "text me sometime"?

    an girl online gave me her number but only said "text me sometime". This is most likely not a very interested girl or maybe this is some sort of test. How should i follow up? it's pretty hard to get to know someone through text.

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    text her sometime, you are overanalyzing

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    If a girl gave me her number and said "text me". I would text her.

    Over-analyzation is paralyzation

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    She gave you the go ahead to text her.

    Look at it this way. If a girl said, "Fuck me!" would you wonder what she means by does words, or would you fuck her? (I know what I'd do! )

    Text her but remember, all text MUST serve a purpose. You're still in the attraction/comfort phase. Once you've established comfort, attraction is solid, and you've maybe gone out a couple of times, had sex, etc, then and only then should you send a text that accomplishes relatively nothing.

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    I dunno, sometimes it's not that easy. I've had a girl say "text me after thursday." I felt really AFC waiting 3 days and texting her on the day that was convenient to her.

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    @affinity: she said, "text me after thursday". So, text her after thursday. SHe didn't say to text her on thursday, just after. You could have texted her a week after thursday and would have honored her request while keeping your balls intact.

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    A suggestion

    As a woman, when a female says "text me sometimes" it means you've obviously done something that makes us think you are intriguing, or emotionally fun/engaging. Now I don't know the background of your story, but when texting the lady back, I would generally send a text that matches the mood in the situation just prior to when she said, "text me sometime". So ex., if at the time you were being humourous or playful, your text should follow that format to get her back into that mindset.

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    This girl just explained call back humour perfectly.

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    The original post of this thread literally made me LOL. Stop overthinking situations.

    I tend to overthink too, but no this isn't any sort of test.

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