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    Working out + going out

    Being in college its really easy to lose focus of your goals. I go out quite a bit (4-5x a week) to bars and I realize this has a negative effect on my weight lifting gains. My goal has been to do at least some sort of physical activity a day - whether that be cardio, full body workout, upper body, lower body etc etc... I dont have a set in stone routine but a general idea of what workouts & muscle groups I want to hit b/c it is more fluid taking into consideration my schedule. For me, as long as I do something and work it really hard I am okay, taking into consideration due to my high metabolism.

    I like going out to bars and meeting new people because obviously it helps develop my social circle but by doing so the alcohol intake hurts my gains.

    My question is: Can I still gain positive results while going out at this rate while working out? Obviously the alcohol will hurt my gains but my question is will I still gain?

    In conclusion, I probably wont change the rate I go out but I want to hear some first hand experience of people who party (semi) hard and work even harder.

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    How will alchohol hurt your gains? I drink beer, so all it is, is empty carbs. That wont do fuck all to the amount of weight I can lift or muscle that will grow, all it does is put on fat. If you have a high metabolism you're fine.

    The only way I can think of that Alchohol would effect gains is from dehydration, but to remedy that all you have to do is drink lots of water inbetween or after. The activity of drinking and going out so much itself can hurt aswell I guess, but only if it cuts into your sleep (Which is most important for gains, rivaling proper diet).

    I think the only thing holding you back on gaining strength and muscle is your lack of knowledge on how to properly put on strength and weight. I'm not criticizing, but if you're this worried then it wouldn't hurt you to check out a few resources.

  3. Check out my thread here bud.
    It's a 3 day a week workout and promises to make the most out of your time in the gym.
    90% of the battle is nutrition and recovery.

    This thread will answer all of your questions and then some. Hope it helps bud.

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    The whole point of working out is to reduce fat, so if alcohol adds fat then it's fucking you up (however small that may be).

    I'm also in college and I've reduced how often I go out (trying to focus more on studying) and I've cut out alcohol completely (about 2 weeks now) even when I go out. I'm able to still talk to girls and have fun sober (sucked the first couple times though).

    When I work out, I feel stronger, my body recovers faster and my gains in the past 2 weeks are better than they've been for a month before I cut out the alcohol. Of course you will still get stronger and make gains even if you drink but for me, I perform better when I cut off alcohol.

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    The whole point of working out is to reduce fat
    Maybe the whole point of your workout is to reduce fat, but the world doesn't move to the beat of one drum.

    If the poster is only worried about gains then he's fine. Also if he spends most of the night dancing with only a little bit of alchohol consumption the cardio will burn the calories anyway.

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    Alcohol also increases the level of estrogen in your body. Ever notice bitch tits on heavy drinkers?

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    Alcohol also reduces testosterone, but the effect is pretty negligible.

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    We can argue this all we want but OP didn't say how much alcohol he consumes.

    My words were simply based on my opinion and what I've experienced (I believe I said that in the post).

    If Op is simply interested in gains, then of course he'll make gains. Hell, you can make gains with a shitty diet and sleep cycle (I did it in 9th and 10th grade). But, imo, gains come faster w/ reduced alcohol consumption.

    Of course, this is all personal choice.

    With regards to reduced testosterone, its effects depend on how much alcohol is consumed. Being drunk will fuck up your sleep cycle (you build muscle when you sleep not when you're actually working out). In addition, alcohol, in large amounts, can be toxic and your body will use energy to remove it from your system. This is energy that isn't being used to build muscle.

    Once again, it all depends on your workout goals, how much you drink, and how often.

    p.s. I'm a university athlete so not a big drinker (when I used to drink) and my views are probably biased.

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    Thanks for all the input everyone!

    Primarily I am interested in keeping shape/cutting down on some body fat (what little I have) to get the "Fight Club" type look. I'd like to get stronger but essentially what I want is to look more cut. I'm about 6'1 and 155lbs so I already am quite slender I'd just like to fill out a bit more and am working on getting my 6pack back.

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    6'1 at 155 lbs is ridiculous. You do not want to cut down on anymore bodyfat or else you'll look like a snake digesting a rib-cage.

    I'm really surprised you don't already have a six pack at that weight. A 6-pack is a lot of diet, and with excessive drinking this will be hard for you to achieve.

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