BBM's No Keyboard Jockeying Effort To Mastery
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    BBM's No Keyboard Jockeying Effort To Mastery

    Hey guys, my name is BBM and I have terrible approach anxiety, even though I shouldn't. Even though I'm a young, attractive guy whom was once married. A guy whom has interesting women in his life and a lot going on for him.

    AA can suck a dick. Now that I'm living in the city again, I'm set to conquer this. My goals are to make new friends first and foremost, and stop thinking inside my head.

    So here goes.


    - 45 women have checked me out.
    - 5 want to meet me. Of those five, 3 are reasonably attractive.
    - About 8 have messaged me. Of those 8, a few of them are reasonably attractive.
    - Girls that I messaged either wanted to meet me, or checked me out. They warmed up to me immediately.
    - One of those girls whom is "not single/not looking" gave her number to me after 4 messages. Same with another girl.
    - I got sidetracked and didn't message either girl for many days. One of them gave me her face-book and happens to know a few of my friends. I called her but she hasn't answered yet.
    - The second girl didn't remember my name. She remembered my picture. "Guy holding the stop sign".

    - I was apprehensive about calling these strangers. It's weird, because I've done this many times so I had no reason to be nervous. She wasn't interested in meeting me at first, but after an hour she took me up on my offer to meet up. So I suggested a place where we could continue our conversation: drink and play a few games of pool. Also her fav place. And mine.

    - The date went decent. I kept touching to a minimum, though I did get close to her a few times. I made her laugh. I used my iphone to show her face-book pictures of me from my travels, and other interesting things I have ready.

    - It was getting late and she had work the next morning. Logistics were shit, but she was still up for another "short" game of pool. I suggested we call it an early night. Showing consideration goes a long way to making a great impression. And plus I can always meet her up again.

    - Outside she qualified some more to me about her independence. We had a hug and parted ways.

    - Sets Opened: 1
    - Number Closes: 0

    After that date, I was still up for some fun. So I went to my fav irish bar in town. It was like any social circle situation - large spaces, groups bubbled at tables. I got a drink n scouted.

    One thing that gets me is that no matter how much you do this stuff: you'll use it if you don't lose it. So really, what I should be doing is making a goal of opening 1 set every time I go out. 1 set. And since I'm trying to ingrain new "stuff", I'm going to work at my transitions as well - handshakes, testosterone, thumb wars.

    My dance floor game's already pretty tight, now I just gotta work on those groups.

    I went up to the second floor and took a seat at the balcony to people watch.

    That's when I noticed 3 cuties on the floor waving at someone near me. They were the only girls having fun there and they really wanted him to come down and join them.

    So I went up to the guy and took a seat next to him. Easy enough. Chatting up dudes is very easy. So I was like dude those girls are waving you over and want you to dance with them. So why don't you? He didn't. So I said we'd go together and I'd wing him. He still didn't want to go. So I said you know what, I'm going to join them right now.

    So I went downstairs and approached them with something natural like,

    Hey girls, I gotta get in on this. I saw you having so much fun up there I had to come join you. And that guy (gesturing) is a dork. I saw you all waving at him but doesn't want to come down. So we're going to live it up and get him down here by showing him what he's missing.

    Really the key line here was "I gotta get in on this". I saw my buddy use that one night and it was gold. Everything that came after was just filler.

    So we're dancing it up. Me and three girls. Token hottie and two cuties. I did my usual dance floor stuff - spins, swing n circle swag. We wave at the dude some more n he isn't coming down. So one of the cuties goes up to get him. And he comes down. The girls are into this dude n I have no idea why. Everyone's all over the place. It's chaos. And now they're talking to the DJ.

    So I chat up the dude and it turns out he's dating one of the girls. WHOA SHIT! And he tells me the hottie is single and to go score with her. Man. Awesome. First time a dude's passed on some girl to me like that.

    Chatting up dudes is really easy. Most of the time, guys think I'm this cool, alright guy. I credit cool friends and my career for getting me out of my shell. Stuff like this comes naturally from interacting with people all the time. I used to be very socially awkward.

    Dude tells me he's from Van. They all are. The girls are too. We talk about his impression of the city and make comparisons between here and Vancouver. We talk about venues and fun things to do here.

    Back n dancing with the girls some more. Not paying special attention to them. It was like: we gotta party it up girls cuz to get this guy to join in and his gf wants him to dance with her.

    I go off and come back and they're all sitting. I join them. One of the cuties is friendly, so we're talking. I can't hear her so I tell her to come sit next to me. She goes. We close and friendly-touchy. As I talk, I'm bringing my head close to hers and talking into her ear. She's from here.

    What followed was more of the same. The girls went back up dancing and the dance floor started filling up. I didn't have much attraction with the girls for some reason. Girls just wanted to dance with each other and that was cool. So I talk to the guy some more. As we talk, he lists stuff he likes and what he'd rather do. He doesn't like the bar. He'd rather go clubbing.

    So I try to push logistics. There's a far more exciting place that we can go clubbing. We should all go there. I talk to him about that but he doesn't take the bait. So I dance with the girls some more and suggest a venue change to them as well.

    Dude's pushing me to the hottie, but she's not interested n I'm just ignoring her.

    Dude complains girls are trying to keep him apart from his girl. He tells me to distract the hottie, which I do. More dancing routine stuff.

    One of the cuties was a greenlight. Her and I were dancing. Spinning and swing-dancing is push-pull for me on the dance floor. I can pull her into me and push her away. Next thing I know it she's grabbing on to me and we're in a slow dance and then a grind.

    With this girl, I found out some activities we have in common. She really liked laser tag, and that's one of my stock activities. So I planned to Day2 her for that.

    Also I started talking about ordering drinks for the group. They'd been around long enough and I wanted them to warm up to me. So I was gonna order a pitcher of beer. I asked the dude if he'd drink with me but he was already smashed. So I worked the girls. That's when I thought of moving the green-light to the bar to do shots. Then I could go for a kiss, build some comfort, and go for the number.

    If I could get just one of their numbers, I'd be able to see the entire group again.

    But that didn't happen. The group split up and ended up leaving. The dude was simply wasted and didn't want to do anything. He took his gf with him and naturally the other two girls followed.

    So I called it any early night and left. I wasn't in the mood to dance with any other girls. I probably shoulda, but I think it was a combination of alcohol and fatigue that threw me off.


    - Friend wants me to keep her company.

    Im back at my motel. A few days ago, I moved out of a friend's place. I just couldn't stand living with her anymore. All that drama, bitchiness, and feelings of jealousy that was fucking up my shit.

    Moving out was also a freeze-out. Show her I could walk away and don't need her.

    She texts me and wants to know what Im up to. Then suggests I come over.
    "Bad idea," I write. "Cause I'm really horny".

    She writes back, "I can take care of that".

    "Alright, I guess we can talk..." So I go there.

    Anyway, we did cuddle up, and I was pretty direct about my wants. She's a fucking hot callgirl and unfortunately I got friendzoned with her. I've pretty much given up on her though. But recently, I nailed down my roadblocks with her down to general bitchiness and her being uncomfortable with my touch and being close to her.

    "What, so you just want to fuck?" she said to me.
    "Yeah, that's exactly what I want. I want to fuck with no strings attached sex."


    "You're a pervert..."
    "Yeah, I know. Put on some clothes if you don't want me to check you out."

    She was pretty open to the idea of damn right fucking me. But she wasn't going to drink. Or get high. Which sucked. First she said it wasn't going to be free. Then she wanted to know what I'd do for her. Then she started putting out hoops I'd have to jump through (wtf lol?). First I have to do x, then I have to do y.

    I told her this was how it was going to be. I was going to give her a massage. Then I was going to take it slow to ease her into doing stuff. I just wanted to go down on her.

    With her, I'm doing no PDA, and I'm avoiding being touchy.

    Tonight was good. We were able to cozy up and I was able to have my arm around her without doing that bitchy, "Just let me be" or "No" bullshit. Just gotta get her all comfortable with my presence.

    Comfortable with my touch, without embarrassment or awkwardness.

    We regularly share the bed, and she's always let me massage her, but she won't let me escalate. She's starting to cuddle up to me more and more lately though. I've achieved this by not hitting on her, ironically.

    So we're in bed and she wants a massage. I massage her and her legs are over my shoulders like we're in some sex position. And she's in this tiny little panties. But she won't let me touch her. First I massage the inside of her sex-position thigh and I ask if this makes her uncomfortable. It doesn't. So I escalate and ask again. She says No. So i escalate again until I get a yes, then stop.

    Doing that lets me know her comfort level. Her boundary.

    Well I can't escalate so I roll over. N we're playing some iphone games. And again, we're in this enveloped sexualesque position with legs over legs and my knee rubbing up against her pussy.

    I remember turning onto my stomach at some point and she cuddled into me and watch watching me.

    Next I remember lights out.

    I start talking about being horny again and what she should do to me. Something about her being on top. So I try to flip her over on top of me. That doesn't work.

    Now I'm getting all this LMR about why her and how I should go find girls on Plenty of Fish and blah blah blah whatever bullshit. LMR.

    So I get bored and turn away from her. Then I get up and say Im going to go sleep on the couch. Then I decide Im going to leave and go back to my motel so I won't be there to get her breakfast or drive her around in the morning.

    She hears me going and wants me to say goodbye to her.

    Now Im out the door.

    As of today, Im getting kisses from her and she knows its on. Honestly I don't think we will fuck at all, but things seem to be headed in that direction.

    The freezeouts on her are fixing her bitchiness and are making her receptive to my presence. So that's allowing me to escalate the physical part of things. By keeping her in a good mood, keeping bitchiness low, and getting her comfortable around me, things seem to be moving forward. Especially by being really direct about what I want and suggestive about what she should do to me.

    Before she'd treat me like all the sexual stuff was jokes and not serious. But I'm being dead serious about what I want now.

    That's it for now guys.

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    In the time it took you to write this post you couldve been out there working on your AA.

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    True that. True that. I type fast and I was stuck in the apt for one reason or another (I forget).

    FR2. - Saturday.

    Online Dating - Date with Hot Chick (HB9)
    Online Dating - Date with Athletic Girl (HB6).

    Tonight I have 2 Plenty of Fish girls that want to meet up with me. HB9 and HB6.
    HB9 gives me her number and hints at us meeting up. It doesn't work out. But it's not like I was waiting on her.
    I go one of my favourite lounges and get to know two of the bartenders. Hannah and Ashley.
    After dinner, I text HB6 and we make plans for me to come over. I grab a bottle of red wine and catch a cab to her place.

    HB6 turned out to be a HB7.5 in person. Good figure from working out. Somewhat cute face. She turned out to be very quiet, very shy.
    We watch a movie and I reposition ourselves to get more comfortable. She's in between my legs now and cuddling into me. I'm stroking her hair, caressing her arms and legs. Giving her a massage. Eventually I turn her head to me and go for the kiss. It's obvious to me she's never really been with a guy. Or she's never really kissed one. It feels like I have a virgin on my hands. The next few hours was me doing push-pull on her. We kiss, then I turn away and watch the movie. I kiss her neck. I nibble her neck. I kiss the ear and lick it, breathing softly into it. Those two things really turn girls on. She tilts her head back and sighs as I do this. I do more of the pulling away stuff. More repositioning. Now I'm on top of her between her legs. More light kisses, necking, stroking her hair, caressing her legs. I step it up with thrusts. I'm thrusting into her and now we're dry-humping each other. We're having sex with clothes on. Her eyes are closed and I'm kissing her. I run my hands all along, teasing her ass, pussy, and breasts without touching them. I give her ass a squeeze. I'm testing her out and then I push it more and more.

    We go back to watching the movie. Then I put her on her back and give her a massage. It's awkward on a couch. We're in doggy style position so I'm trying to massage her while her ass is up against my dick. So while I try to massage her I'm also pushing up against her to turn her on... without being too obvious about it.

    The movie's over. It's late and she wants to go to bed.

    I keep thinking throughout the evening if only I could get her into her room. Watch the movie. Do the massage there. By now most girls would be so turned on they'd gladly use any excuse to take me into the room.

    She wants to call it any early night, so I go back to kissing her and turning her on. Now I'm on top of her. Thrusting. She's getting really, really turned on. Her eyes are closed, she's thrusting lightly into me, and she's sighing here or there. I put my arm under her theigh to reposition her legs. Now we're in missionary so I'm really tapping that pussy in the right spot. I keep doing this but it's not going anywhere and she's just enjoying it. So I whisper into her ear, "I want to take you in my arms and throw you onto your bed". She said, "not tonight". So I stop. I don't remember how the interaction ended. I didn't stop abruptly. I told her, "yeah, you need to sleep" and kissed her forehead.

    We said goodbye with some hugs and kisses. At the door, I picked her up so her legs were wrapped around my waist and gave her some more kisses.

    Then I left.

    I sent her some PoF texts and she responded back well. Maybe I'll see her again.

    FFFFUUUU I'm used to getting laid first night. I did however get to enjoy rubbing her pussy and touching her tits. I put her hand on my cock at one point so she was all rubbing that shit up too.


    Opened Bar 2Set. Green Light. Red Light (HB7.5/8)
    Number Close Street 5Set (HB7.5/8)

    I walked all the way to my fav Irish bar. There I got a pint. The energy was electric and the bar was packed. Some people randomly threw arms around each other and started dancing. I thought, what the hell, and threw my arm around them too and joined in. The guy, whom was pretty macho looking, got pissed off and said, "FUCK OFF!!!!!". Two girls turned out to be with him and laughed. i wasn't able to dance with one of them so I went upstairs to the balcony and observed.

    A chick and a dude started talking to me as I people watched. The girl was getting really touchy with me. I didn't find her attractive. I made conversation with her as she was hitting on me, but tried to include the dude as well. And I kept brushing her off into him. Eventually they left.

    The lights came on. It was time for everyone to leave. I saw two hotties standing by themselves people watching, like myself. So I went all the way over and chatted them up. I forget what I said. It was something natural about people watching. One of them was a green light and was really friendly with me. She was all touchy and everything and laughing. The other girl was quiet and didn't say much. A red light. I knew I had to be friendly with her otherwise she'd pull my green light away. As green light and I flirted, one of the bar guys came up and started chasing us out of the bar. He said we all had to leave. I had no choice but to break set. I came back to the girls again, but they ended up leaving quickly. I thought whatever and went back downstairs.

    I need to get used to the whole scene and take it all in. I used to go out solo a lot but ever since I started going out with friends that's just become my comfort zone. So I need to just break out of that of needing friends to have fun. I remember being solo used to be no problem for me. I mean, I'm good at "dance floor game". Why the fuck do I have AA for?? I just came back from a fucking date... and I live with a smoking hot chick. Why the fuck do I have AA??? It makes no sense.

    I left the bar and walked back to my apt. I walked past five girls. One of them nagged me about something as I was crossing the street. Something like, "you're going to get run over walking like that". I agreed with her and said it was because I was rebellious, causing some laughs. I ignored them until I heard one of them say they weren't from here. So i turned around and was like, "You girls aren't from here?" THey said they were from Calgary. And bam, I was chatting with these 5 cuties. And it didn't even feel weird or intimidating. All natural. And they were all so friendly to me. I said, "What brings you all to Saskatchewan". They said boxing tournament. I was rather impressed by this, so I qualified n related on that. I myself used to take kickboxing classes when I was younger.

    I was walking with one of the girls talking about that. I told her to stop and showed her a kickboxing game I used to play in class. Then one of the other girls starts flirting with me. We're at a cross walk now and the girls are going in an opposite direction from me. And they're leaving the next day.

    I told her I used to do a lot of kickboxing, I was very good at it, and I was looking for that one special girl that could beat the living shit out of me. I mentioned I'd bought two pairs of boxing gloves from a nearby sports store. One for me. One for any friend I had over.

    So I get one of the girls numbers. A green light. And she gladly gives it to me.

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    its cool brother. good to see your getting out there and sharpening your game,good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Majestik View Post
    its cool brother. good to see your getting out there and sharpening your game,good luck.
    Right now I just finished looking at a house I want to rent. And I'm back at my friend's place waiting for her to wake up. Her and I are going to have a talk. Later I want to head out and go meet some people....

    Anyway, your reply reminded me of an approach I had the other day. You could call it a "Daygame" approach though I didn't plan it that way. I noticed a girl and I didn't talk to her. I went about my business at the gas station. But later as I was coming back I noticed something about her. That made me stop as I was passing her and chat her up about what I noticed.

    I'm starting to see patterns here. Anyway, I gotta write this all out. Here goes:

    Daygame - Open Hot Chick (HB8.5).

    The other day I was filling up for gas when this car pulled in. The driver was hot. I loved her ass. I loved her hair. She had that look I like. Right then and there I was inside my head thinking about an approach. This happens a lot.

    After I paid for gas inside, I came back out. As I walked past her, I noticed her shoes. her shoes were leopard-skin stilettos. It made me do a double-take. So I chatted her up about them.

    I think I said, "Wow. I love those shoes. Those shoes are incredible. I've never seen anything like them before."

    She was all friendly. A green light. And as she beamed at me and fixed her hair, she thanked me and made some small talk.

    I then transitioned with, "How is your day been going anyway?". Good 'ol reliable topic change.

    She said her day was good. Whether to be polite or not, she asked me how mine was. Or did she ask me what I was up to?

    I ended up talking literally about what I was planning to do. I explained how I was filling up gas and returning my rental car.

    She wished me well and we parted ways.

    It wasn't that I fucked up. I realized after that I didn't steer the conversation towards us getting to know one another. I've always made this mistake, but today I realized for the first time what I should have done.

    "What about you? How's your day been?"
    "Well, I WAS supposed to be returning my rental car, but now that I'm talking to you, I want to get to know you. I like your style and just how friendly you are. But there's something about you I can't put my finger on... do you like sushi?"

    Next time.

    Most of the time now, I position myself and bait girls into talking to me. At coffee shops I do this by sitting near hot girls. Or next to them. Or at the same table. And pulling out art supplies, copies of my work, and pictures of my life. I'll then play with my iphone, listen to music, or start drawing. If the bait doesn't work, I'll then "spontaneously" start up a situational conversation with a question or something I noticed about them. I might even use an opinion opener about my work or something I'm doing.

    Same with a bar or club. I put myself into position.

    Just not used to the whole go up to a table and just sit with the people there.

    I may not have Magic Tricks like mystery. He was a "magician" and could go around just showing cool shit to people. And what I do is the exact same thing, except with art. And my art is relatively good enough to impress almost everyone I encounter. But art isn't as effective as magic. Or rapping. One of my best friends does that. He impresses strangers by rapping. It's not magic, but it's the same thing. Art isn't fast enough where I can just go up to a table and BAM I have a drawing all whipped up. Magic takes seconds, wheres art needs more time...

    What I need to really work at is going up to groups of people and just joining in with them. It's very intimidating for me to do this because I'm not used to it. I can see where a wing would come in handy. I have seen solo guys do this and I have absolute respect for them.

    In crowded, high energy places, it's very easy to open sets. You're moving around, but you're always in close proximity to someone.

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    N-Close Cute Waitress (HB7.5/8).
    Online Dating: Hot girl opened me and now we're texting (HB:8.5).

    My female roommate warned me against going out in my electric pink shirt today... at least on a first date. We live in a Conservative city and that's just asking to get shot. So I went out anyway. Electric pink dress shirt with sleeves rolled up. Gold and black striped tie. Jeans. VERY NICE shoes from Aldo. And a dark blazer.

    I ended up eating at a small restaurant and there was a cute waitress that was really friendly with me. A green light. She wasn't bad looking for a black chick. And her figure was decently proportioned. I forget how the first part of our interaction began, but I was just treating her like one of my good friends. Someone I knew. I think when I approached her I started talking about how my favourite lounge across the hotel lobby was closed. I remember having coffee.

    Small-talk about the coffee. Because she put down these tray of flavoured creamers that made think of how I regularly get coffee every morning at Sev. So I talked about that. I said this was like every morning when I go to Sev. She scrunched up her face. I was like, "you don't like Sev coffee". Then I remembered it's better to make statements. So I cold read her as a Timmies girl. BINGO. She went off giggling.

    So I ordered some food and ended up talking about how delicious the soup was last time. Some chit chat with her helping me out decide what I want.

    She came back a few times and I joked with her. How'd your food doing? I did a thumbs down while smiling. She was like, "really?" I was like, "No you goof. It was delicious!"

    "How was your burger?"
    "Disgusting!" Then "Haha. I was just messin' with ya. It was really good! Thanks."
    "Good one haha."

    I remember commenting on how friendly she was. She had this great vibe I liked. She was just this ray of sunshine.

    I decided I was going to go for the number. I thought back to previous experiences, which made this really easy. First I thought about logistics --> what we'd do later. I thought of the Broken Rack, where we could drink and play pool. So I'd qualify her on those two things.

    "I was wondering what your fav drink is?"
    "You mean alcoholic?"
    "No. I mean virgin drinks. Yes, alcoholic. What's your favourite one?"
    "Hmm... I like paralizers."

    At this point I needed to know what kind of drinker I was dealing with. Someone that will down alcohol like me and have fun. Or someone that's going to order one drink and sip it over like 6 hours. Girls that don't really drink are not fun.. because they're usually shy, uptight, and prudish. Obviously drinking loosens them up.

    "So you actually drink?"
    "Yeah I do."
    "Sweet. So do you like pool?"
    "Yeah, but I'm not very good at it. I have a pool table at home and...."
    "Awesome. My friend x and I are going to be at the Broken Rack tonight having drinks and playing pool."
    "My friend and I were thinking of going out tonight..."
    "Yeah you both can join us. My friend's this really cool spanish rapper that makes lyrics up on the fly really fast."
    "Wow. Well we were going to go out tonight..."
    "Hey I don't want to bug you while you're working. But give me your number and I'll send you a text."
    "Okay. My number is"
    "Nice! Oh by the way, if you get a number with a weird area code..."
    "That's you, right?"
    "Yeah! I'm Dan by the way."

    Some more small talk before I paid up and left. I got the tab and it was under 20, so I just left a 20.

    Until now I hadn't offered any personal value to her, so I went up to her and used my iphone to show her one of my best artwork pieces.
    I then asked her to rate it on a scale of 1 to 10. She was impressed, so I said,

    "Don't say 10. That's cheating".
    "Haha I wasn't going to."
    "But you can say 9.5."
    "Hmm... how about... 8!"
    "Nice. I can believe that."

    I don't remember much else. Those were mostly the highlights.

    Meanwhile I had another girl texting me the entire time. She's a hot university girl and I got her number off Plenty of Fish today. She created a profile just to fuck with people and prove a point to her friend... but she liked me. My profile was an exception to her. Right now we're moving out of attraction and more into qualification. Once I call her that'll be phone comfort. I like texting. It's a good transition off PoF and makes the first phone call less awkward.

    That's it for now. I walked home to charge my iphone and then I'll be heading back out later.

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    Good to see you posting in here other than our forums. You know the one I am talking about.

    I thought you didn't have terrible AA. I will be reading your blog soon. Just trying to find my high school transcript now and gonna eat some breakfast. I'll be posting in here from time to time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Remedy0 View Post
    Good to see you posting in here other than our forums. You know the one I am talking about.

    I thought you didn't have terrible AA. I will be reading your blog soon. Just trying to find my high school transcript now and gonna eat some breakfast. I'll be posting in here from time to time.
    Never heard back from both girls last night. The waitress didn't respond to my text. The hottie randomly stopped texting me. The 5set I number-closed turned out to be a wrong number. I went out last night and nothing was open and there wasn't anyone out.

    I woke up this morning to 4 girls opening me on PoF. It was just one after another. I'm getting a lot of messages here. There's one hottie on there I started talking to. She lives a city over but there's a chance I could see her next weekend.

    Cajun's book is really awesome. It sounds cliche to say that it fixed me right up, but that's actually what happened. I think Magic Bullets, Phone and Text Game, and Gentlemen's Guide really work nicely together.

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    Monday FR


    So I went out today to get some breakfast. It was late morning. I ran into an old fling I haven't seen in a while and she took my number. She's got a fiance now so there's no chance we'll hook up and have sex like we used to.

    0 Daygame Approaches
    I was dressed really stylish. Pink shirt n tie. Dark blazer. Jeans and really smashingly stylish shoes. I was getting TONS of looks, because no one dresses like me. I stand out in a good way and I actively get complimented on how I look.

    I saw lots of hot women walking about Downtown. I realized it was lunchtime during the week. Hot women in cafes. Hot managers walking back to their jobs. But I kept having AA. I just wanted to do one good approach. I know I look good. I've done this before. I know what to say. And I've been through the whole motions. It's just DOING IT that sucks.

    Every-time I saw a woman I'd want to approach, I reasoned why I couldn't do it. I know from experience that when you meet a new women, you're committing time and resources. So if I'm going to go through all that again, she'd better damn well stand out. The problem is that once I miss an opportunity, I realize just how attractive she really was compared to all the girls I see after that. I'm disqualifying girls when I really shouldn't be.

    My goal is to get into the habit of doing one approach when I'm out. I want to be direct, but not direct in the way that she took my breath away so I have to go meet her. She could be my next special girlfriend. No. If I see two attractive women, I want to be able to go into the cafe and say I noticed them, they look really stylish, and I wanted come meet them and get in on their conversation. Just being casual about it.

    I have to go and do my taxes later. So there's another chance to go meet girls.

    Also some pof dates tonight.

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    2 Day Approaches - coffee shops

    I walked to the Mall to do my Taxes. I was swagging a bright green shit, white tie, and light grey blazer. Theres girls I could of approached, but didn't. I went outside and same thing. There weren't too many people out. I went into a coffee shop. I'm sort of just taking in the whole vibe. Daygame should NOT be a big deal. LS Buddies in Vancouver that I attended Superconference with showed me that. It is NOT a big deal.

    That's when I saw the cute asian girl sitting by herself. Studying. At first I sat down and contemplated an approach while I fiddled with my iphone to keep busy. I didn't want to just go up to her. And I was all coffeed out. So I got a green tea and went for the approach.

    I went through the maneuvers, but there was much room to be desired. I saw her over there, complimented her on style, and said she was cute. I had to come meet her. Then I found out she was from Hong Kong, originally from Vancouver, and was studying here. And she was still in high school. She was shy. And she struggled to qualify on what she did for fun. This was not my kind of girl. I tried to bounce her for bubble tea at a nearby cafe, but she declined. She said I could go by myself without her. Rejected, I kept plowing anyway. I actually got stumped, so I did a takeaway by being disinterested and fiddling with my iphone. It wasn't to game her. I was just trying to look busy. I then started talking about a comedy show I really enjoyed last week to bait her. So I talked about it and did some storytelling, but I wasn't getting laughs from her. I talked about my friend Rachel because she's well-known around the area and works as a hairstylist downtown. I talked about my interesting friends. I said she should come out with me to the next comedy show on Wednesday. Again, she declined. She wouldn't even give me a way to get in touch with her.

    So I wished her well and went my way.

    I'm not into shy girls.

    But there. I did my approach. Maybe I will do another one later.

    There was a girl that opened me earlier. She was hot but she had a boyfriend. And she was really really friendly to me. The guy was quiet, didn't talk much, and looked like a total baller. I did some story telling on them, but they didn't like my story.

    So that would be.. 2 approaches? I'm wondering what to do about the guy in situations like that ... hmm... you know: when he's with a girl and his body language says, "don't talk to us". How to get them to open up to a stranger like me. Hmm.

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