any routines related to money matters?

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    any routines related to money matters?

    What can I do if the girl is more rich than me?
    Even how to approach such girls who have mindset like "I'm out of his reach"? This would be the obvious thing that they will have in their mind.
    How to maker her think that its okay for a girl to be with a guy who is not as rich as she is?
    What if she has had ex-bf's or male-friends far richer than me?
    If a girl is in her teens she would prefer a rich guy whose money she can spend.
    Any stories I can use here? like examples of successful relationships where women were richer than men? Any story that would make her think its fun and exciting to be with a less rich guy

  2. First of all, I think you should ask yourself if you really want to be with a girl, who would date you, sleep with you or whatever just because you're richer than her. You're 20 years old. Nobody should expect you to be Bill Gates, you should only be half-way done with college by now, after all. I'm not particularly skilled in pickup or anything, so I might be totally wrong on this, but if she gets a feeling that you think that her "richness" makes you uncomfortable, it might be a problem, because you're insecure about those things. However, if you're cool with it, you pay for yourself on dates and take care of yourself, at least, I think it should be okay. You should probably talk about your plans, ambitions and dreams in life after college. Maybe you want to be the IT tycoon of your generation and are actually working for it. Maybe you are a law student and will be the best damn lawyer in the world someday, maybe you study to be a disposable lighter repairman and have an evil masterplan to make millions of dollars/pounds/whatever the currency in your country is.

    What can you do if the girl is richer than you? Be cool about it, pay for yourself, try to get rid of the insecurity about money matters, and show that you have ambitions. For example, currently, I don't have money, but I'm planning to start seriously working, translating two novels from English to Lithuanian in a month. One novel pays around 3000 litas, so I would make 6000 a month, which is 3x the average wage in Lithuania. Plus, I'm trying to get into Lithuanian stand up comedy scene. If the girl I was trying to get together with was richer than me, I would communicate that in some way, so she knows that although she's better off financially now, I'm planning and working towards a better financial future and I'm willing to work for it.

    How to approach? Let's imagine, for a moment, that you're the son of Bill Gates. You wouldn't come up to her and say, "Bill Gates is my father, I'm rich, let's go have sex," now would you? You approach her like every other girl, try to show your advantages, like great sense of humor, passion for your dreams, etc. If you are poor, but act social, cool, like you have ambition, and are willing to work hard to achieve it, she shouldn't think less of you because you're not there yet. After all, you're 20 years old.

    How to make the girl that it's okay? Don't show your insecurity about money matters, don't act richer than you actually are, show off your personality, once again, talk about your dreams, be sure to be interested in hers too, of course. It IS okay for a girl to be richer than the guy she's dating, as long as she's not his sugar mamma.

    What if she has richer friends? Once again, don't acknowledge that, be cool about it. Money can be earned, it's not a problem.

    If a girl is in her teens and would like a rich guy, WHOSE MONEY SHE CAN SPEND, would you really want to be with such a vapid girl? Maybe it's just me, but I like strong girls who can take care of themselves, unless I'm married/living together with her, I won't buy her stuff all the time. Being with a guy to get to spend his money sounds like prostitution to me. Sorry, but not interested.

    No need to use any stories to address this, just be fun and exciting to be with. If she doesn't want to be with you because you can't buy her a new pair of shoes everyday, do you really want to be together with such a girl?

    It's all in your personality, just let her know that you're planning to achieve something in life and actually work your ass at it for it. Start building the lifestyle you want right now, and be vary around girls that care too much about the contents of your wallet.

    Don't put too much stock on this post of mind, it might be naive, I'm not amazing at pickup or anything, it's just what my common sense is telling me.

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    Is this a "what if" or one girl you're interested in?

    A girl who wants to be wined and dined in her late teens - early 20s is just looking to have experiences and come across as "worldly" to her girlfriends, because she'll date the older guys, go to nice restaurants, get a hotel room... but unless she's been a globetrotting model at or parents who traveled a lot, would have any kind of worldliness to her.

    A lot of times, if you come across as knowing what you want in life, and it's not enough for her? Say goodbye to her, because she wants it now. That lack of patience just screened her out as relationship material.

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