I come when she rides me...
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  1. I come when she rides me...

    Hey guys I have a problem here with my gf during sex an I want to ask for your help...
    My gf wants to cum only through intercourse and it takes her too much hour, the problem is that I can't always fuck her hard for more than 1 hour... The last time we were about to split up for this reason, anyway even when I'm able to fuck her for more than an hour she can only come when she's above me but when she rides me I can't hold and cum right away leaving her troubled...
    My actual question is what can I do to be able not to cum right away when she rides me???

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    Desensitizing gels.

    Otherwise, try a different position. Not all vaginas fit the same, and the same vagina doesn't always fit the same, depending on the position; it sounds like her riding you is your "glove" position.

  3. The truth is I'm a little sensitive in this position, but the only way to make her come through penetration is this position

  4. ... Why the fuck can so many people last close to an hour?!

    Isn't the average supposed to be like 8-10 minutes anyways? I mean jesus christ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by sektr View Post
    ... Why the fuck can so many people last close to an hour?!

    Isn't the average supposed to be like 8-10 minutes anyways? I mean jesus christ....
    An hour of intercourse is ridiculous. The last time I did that my ex gf was sore and refused sex for a few days. Try a lot of foreplay first.

  6. Man you know I had a gf who could cum 5 min. after I entered her, but all girls are not the same...
    Mine now needs more than an hour to cum doing the position she likes and in which I'm very sensitive. The average time might be 10 min. but If I want to keep my relationship I have to be able to do what she likes, or else you know... I might get a good kick from her!!!! :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Love Monkey View Post
    An hour of intercourse is ridiculous.
    Thank you for bringing this up.

    An hour of penetrative intercourse is insane. Does anyone do pushups/pelvic thrusts/mountain climbers for an hour? Nope. jpg

    An hour start to finish is more appropriate. Making out, oral, etc.

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    Yea I think i flop over or cramp up @ the 30 min mark so yea...

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    Try rolling your tongue on to the roof of your mouth during sex. It keeps you from coming by distracting you. Try it.

  10. This girl is asking too much of you. You're the man, and her being like she is is only going to make matters worse; if you're concerned about last longer, you'll blow your load very quickly. Just tell her what she is asking you to do is ridiculous; you're the man!

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