Seeking LA Wings to Achieve Pick Up Goals
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    Seeking LA Wings to Achieve Pick Up Goals

    Hey guys,

    I just moved out to LA about a little over a month ago. I'm looking for people to go out and wing with.

    A little about me: im 22 and i've been studying game for about 4 years now. I don't have much experience with canned material, but I'm pretty confident and do okay without it. I would really like to build a great skill set to make more options for myself. My lay count as of now is 14.

    PM me if you're interested.


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    Major Leaguer Guest

    Already got a PM, which is great.

    FYI for anyone else interested:

    Me and aznman000 met up and went out this past weekend. After just a single night out with him, I can tell that he will be a good wing to hang with. He was able to push me out of my comfort zone several times already. Hopefully, we will be going out more often now that we're aware of each other. Anyone who wants to hang with us is welcome. The more wings, the better.


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    I'm new to this whole thing, just been studying for less than a year but I'm already enjoying great success from the tips I've received.

    Jugador, 22, Miracle Mile area near LACMA.

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    We're hitting up Downtown LA tnite. Check your PM.

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    Im interested, i am just getting into the material, and i long beach

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