How to win over that 10
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    How to win over that 10

    Alright right now i have a 9 who is obsessed with me, she tells her friend's at school about me all the time. She talks about me in front of her friend (the 10) a lot. She tell's people we are hooking up etc, but i don't want that from her.. The 10 asks my sister about me every now and then, (i don't go to school there, but i see her at parties) so she knows who i am.

    She is curious about me, any idea's on a way to get with the 10 although she is friend's with the 9? They aren't close friend's so it is possible.

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    Distance from both. Reapproach later. Going blatantly from one to the other is the last thing you want to do. I'd seriously fuck off for a few weeks and then reapproach.

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    At your mom'house..

    Dude, let the 9 talk about you all she wants.. She's DHV'ing you nicely.

    You say you see the 10 at parties, well then Open her, Isolate her and game her. If you can't close her at the party then Get her number and move on from there. If the other chick gets mad, GOOD! Jealousy always helps..


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