Navigating a group- Can it be done smoothly?
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  1. Navigating a group- Can it be done smoothly?

    I recently started spending time with a new group of 10-15 girls. I got in by working a 3 set at a bar just to try out a new potential wing. More and more of them came as the night went on, and my Wing and I became fully part of their group. The problem is they are all very beautiful and I want to seduce multiple of them (not simultaneously of course). Is there a way to get with multiple girls in the same group one after another without losing rapport and causing conflict?

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    I have my advice, but I want you to know that I have never been stuck in the situation you are in.

    What I would do is pick the girl you are attracted to the most. From there, turn the relationship between into something more of a FB thing. It would be better if you had a majority of there numbers before you hook-up with one of them. Her friends will get jealous, especially if they are attracted to you, and will come onto you when you guys go out... especially if the girl you are fucking isn't there.

    I suggested getting there number because, well, girls are fucking slick. They will reach out to you and try to built rapport with you, or you could do the other way around. However, I would prefer to let them come onto you. Reason being is so you won't get blamed for starting shit just in case the girl tells the girls you first hooked up with.

    Hope this made sense...

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    I agree. Play it slow. Invite whole group down town or whatever. The ones that like you most will start to be the ones that crowd around you. If your buddy is there, and he's good at game, you two will most likely end up with your own smaller sub group of girls who are into each of you respectively. Read up more on entourage gaming and use the group of girls to help you get even more, but in the mean time, when the night ends, invite them all back to your place, tell them theirs room for all lol. The ones that end up in your bed (may even be more than 1) will probably f close.

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