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    Facebook - Tagging

    Specifically tagging dates. Is there a good way to do it? Frankly I'm not that big into Facebook and rarely post at all. I more or less use it to waste a few seconds of my day. So guys, fire away. What are rules you go by when tagging people in Facebook.

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    When you say tagging dates, do you mean using the "check in" feature when on a date with someone? Why would you ever do this?! I find someone who check's their phone around me when we're hanging out to be showing me a sign of disrespect. I honestly hate it with a passion. People are too addicted to Facebook and their phones now.

    I have no idea why you'd want to be on your phone whilst you're on a date. What's worse is, by "checking in" with a girl when on the date, you're basically advertising to all of your Facebook friends that you're on a date with someone and it can't be that good because you've had to use Facebook. Or you're so addicted to Facebook you have to log in that frequently. To me both are major signs of a DLV.

    I've actually heard people preach the opposite, that tagging people in places you're at to be a DHV but I cannot see this at all. They think that doing it shows you're fun, have friends and go out doing fun things. To me it shows you're not fun enough to have around because you're on Facebook whilst out. It's better to get tagged than do the tagging. Even then though, the first thing I think when I see someone make a status such as, "In <nightclub>! Having such an awesome night with <name>,<name> etc.." is "Such a good time you're sat on your phone on Facebook? Yeah right."

    Think about how phones used to be before they had internet access. To go on Facebook on a night out you would have to bring your computer and sit down and type a message. How horrible would that make you look? To me doing it on your phone is no different. On top of this, I'm starting to see no real reason to post a status, write on someone's wall or check in at all other than to try and get "likes". Whenever someone seems to post a status now, I just see it as a reason to try and get validated through people liking it. I'm starting to use Facebook less and less myself because of this.

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    I see what you're saying there. I tend to agree but being on your phone while on a date can be useful. Another point to avoiding the check in thing is it goes against having discression.

    But I wasn't really talking about the check in thing honestly. I think I've only used it once myself. Been tagged a few times but not something I'm into. I was, however, speaking more toward posting pics of you and your date with the two of you tagged. Like I said, I'm not a Facebook junkie and don't see myself changing my behavior any time soon, but at the same time if someone can provide me solid logic for doing it I'll have to consider it.

    Thanks for your response.

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