What if I do something weird for a living
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  1. What if I do something weird for a living

    So I'm playing online poker for a living.
    What do I tell her if she asks what do I do for a living ?
    Gambling has a bad reputation and might sound like a DLV, but it's also weird and unusual, so it might also be presented as a DHV. I'm thinking that it all depends on the way I present it.

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    personal question, can you really make good money playing online poker?

    anyways, it really depends on the money you bring in.
    If you bring in good money, why not brag about it? I don't think girls will look down on those professional poker players. they will be jealous since you can just play home and make a living out of it.

    If you are doing just ok, I would say you are a IT freelancer who works at home. you might have to confess if you guys get into really serious relationship though.

    I had a roommate who claimed he used to make $60k a year just by playing online poker. well he was rening a room from me for $300 and used to buy foods from 7/11.

    bottom line, I think it's about your lifestyle.

  3. I make more money than the people in my age usually do, but nothing spectacular or amazing.
    I've done some IT freelancing in the past, so it might be a very nice idea to tell her that.

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    Dont lie, just adjust how you say things. Tell her you are a professional poker player with cocky attitude. She may or may not believe you. If she tests you on how much then tell her you just met her, and here she is sizing up your booty

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    Dude, being a Poker Player is fucking DHV... You don't have to say you play Online. Just say you're a Professional poker player, bitches eat that up. But now you got a new problem, you gotta watch out for Gold Diggers : /.

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    It can't possible be any weirder than what I do. Talk about your life with passion and you'll almost always be fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Savoy View Post
    It can't possible be any weirder than what I do. Talk about your life with passion and you'll almost always be fine.

    My good friend does this for a living. Anyone who plays would know the name. It goes great, most girls think its interesting. His poker friends tend to do pretty well with girls. They fucking destroy in Vegas. They also make lots of money and it's pretty obvious.

    Oh, I'd frame it as "i am a professional poker player" and when you elaborate say you play mostly online, rather than "I am an online poker player"

  8. Quote Originally Posted by masterH View Post
    personal question, can you really make good money playing online poker?
    Some can. I know one person who has made well into eight figures, several who have made seven.

    Lots of people I know made five or six figures when online poker was more available in the US. For those outside the US the games are supposedly better now, so I'm pretty sure someone with talent and dedication can still do reasonably well.

    Lots more make very little or nothing.

    I'd agree in general professional poker player is a DHV but it can also be solitary, which is going to be a turn off to most girls. Go out of your way to be social and have hobbies that a girl would find interesting.
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    DOJ killed the games

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    You can make tons, a few friends of mine made millions. They all ran into problems with the women's fathers, though, so be warned.

    Regardless, online poker isn't as weird as my old job: pest control. Try telling a woman you kill bugs. If I could get laid when I was an exterminator, anyone can get laid.

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