how to change frame when hb6.5 tries to boyfriend you
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    how to change frame when hb6.5 tries to boyfriend you

    hey i f-closed this chick last week, hb 6.5 kinda cute i guess, fuckable. anyway now she is all up on my dick about how she wants to feel special and shit, and im simply not into her like that but i want to keep getting with her just because. i also dont want to like give her a complex or anything haha. thoughts?

  2. Be honest.

    In situations like these you just need to accept that sometimes things flake off. Unless you specifically said you wanted to be in a relationship- which is what allowed you to f-close her then you're not doing anything wrong. You're just living your life buddy.

    If you had made clear that you weren't in it for a relationship then it would have worked in your favour- the other day i was in a club and I started dancing with a girl. She was a friend of a friend and we were chatting most of the night before that- I kiss closed her and then she started saying how she wants a boyfriend. In response, I explained that I'm not looking for commitment at the moment- I'm just enjoying living my life. The night ended with an f-close.

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