Moving too quickly...

So there's this girl i've been talking to for almost a month now. Things have been pretty great. We had a first date this past Sunday. We also hung out yesterday because she invited me to a youth group thing at her campus. And, we have plans for Saturday night as well.

After I left last night she told me that I was moving too quickly for her. Although I don't quite see it, her opinion is what matters.

We haven't kissed, and I haven't tried to either. Prior to the first date, she said something about her waiting a while to do that, so I haven't thought about it or tried it. We've really only held hands twice....while watching a movie, and for a short while last night.

I think it boils down to the fact that I just naturally move faster with girls than she does with guys. I really enjoy this girl so i'm willing to do what I have to, for her to be more comfortable with everything. One of the things she said during this talk, was that she's been out of a relationship for a while and hasn't been pursued for a while either.

I haven't talked to her yet today, and I kind of feel asleep while we were texting back and forth about everything last night. I'm sure Saturday will still happen, but maybe some space is what's best for right now.

Any advice or help is welcomed!