Guy Tried To Holla At My Gal Behind My Back

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  1. Guy Tried To Holla At My Gal Behind My Back

    How should an Alpha male have handled this situation?

    I was bowling with a girl (gamed very well and loves my draws, but not girlfriend.. yet) and I went into the bathroom. She waited outside. While I was in there pee'ing, I thought I heard her talking. Anyways, so I come back out and we start walking towards the exit and she laughs and tells me how this guy tried to holla at her and asked her 'if I was her man' and 'pointed to his phone for her number', she didn't give it to him. I turned and looked, but the other guy clearly turned back around and tried to look like he was bowling the entire time I was in the bathroom.

    What I Did:
    I chuckled it off and joked it off like it didn't phase me. My thoughts: an Alpha male wouldn't feel threatened by that.

    But later she jokingly mentioned why didn't I go beat him up. This was after I brought up a joke about how she wouldn't fight another female over me when we saw some jacked female bodybuilder earlier that week.

    So I question: Should or would a true Alpha male have said anything to him? I could see how it was dis-respectful on being so sly and sneaky behind my back, but he also cowardly turned and 'tried' not to look when I looked over there.

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    You did the right thing. Talking to the guy would be DLV. He approached and blew himself out, big deal. A hot girl will always get hit on by random men. If you're confident in yourself, those men are not a threat, so you don't need to bother acknowledging them. The only time you should step in is if the guy starts getting physical or verbally abusive towards your gf.


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    You handled the situation perfectly. No need to talk to him. He already got blown out.

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    Of course an Alpha Male would've just brushed it off - he wouldn't even remember the event long enough to post about it on here.

  5. Just laugh it off. An alpha makes a decision and sticks by it. Your indecision comes across as weakness, which is present in your body language. A subtle downward look or hunching of the shoulders speaks tomes.

    If that was me I would have just given a sharp look in his direction, pulled an unimpressed face and walked off. That guy is no threat. This was most definitely not worth getting into a fight over- the girl just wanted it to put coal to her ego fire.

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    You did well young Jedi.

    No other man deserves your attention until such a time as he is disrespecting you or her. His hitting on her, despite feeling odd, is actually a compliment on your ability to pull this woman.

    Also, she showed loyalty to you, so she might want something committed. Maybe. The question about fighting him could be a shit test or it could be her way of getting a read on the depth of your interest in her.

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