Vercetti Bootcamp- Las Vegas, Febuary 2012 (w/ Darwin and Gil Rio)

Whats up guys!

I just wanted to quickly share my experience from the recent bootcamp I took in Vegas. All in all, the experience was simply life changing. I've been given new perspective on everything from how to approach and attract women to how I want to shape my identity as a man. There are a lot of specifics worth mentioning so I'm just going to make a pros and cons list to keep everything concise.

- A bootcamp goes WAY BEYOND what you read in Magic Bullets. 'Game' has clearly evolved from the early days of the 'Mystery Method' and there was never a time where I felt like I was being given outdated and overly recycled information. As someone who has looked into nearly every Love Systems product, I was really happy to discover a ton of the information being given to me were things that I hadn't read or heard before. Even when we were covering things I was already very familiar with (ie the attraction model), V and the other coaches were putting their own spin on the material, and I was constantly having my understanding and perspective changed.

- YOU GET A TON OF ONE ON ONE TIME. My biggest concern going into the bootcamp was that I was going to want a ton of help and need a million questions answered, and I wasn't going to get time w/ V or the other instructors to really feel like I got my money's worth. That couldn't be further from the truth! V and everyone else went above and beyond the call in order to help me get everything I wanted from the weekend. These guys were happy to grab dinner after classes and exchange contact information after the last day, and even offered to meet up and go sarging together in the future. The personal attention I was given was awesome, and it helped me learn that much more. (Special shout out to Ryan Francis, Vybe, and Mike from SF, for helping out as well. There ended up being a total of 6 coaches and 3 students which made for an amazing learning environment. I got to spend one on one time w/ all of these guys and hearing everyone's individual stories and styles was eye opening.)

- IF YOU ARE COMMITTED TO THE PROGRAM YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL. I'm not going to lie, going out into the field is freaking hard! There's anxiety and its emotionally and physically draining at times. On night one, I felt like I was going for a run and I was totally out of shape. But the coaches push you, they encourage you, and they believe in you. They know you can get through this, and after a short time I started to believe too. I made out w/ some gorgeous girls, number closed 4 or 5 beautiful women, and the whole time I felt like I wasn't performing all that well. I can't even imagine what it will be like when it feels like 'Im in great shape and ready to run!' The bootcamp has helped shaped my mind to truly believe I can achieve anything.


I really don't have much to complain about. The biggest complaint would have to simply be that it was too short. I would have loved to have gotten a week with these guys, but the bootcamp is designed to give you the foundation you need to be successful in building quality relationships with women on your own- It did that. You won't go home thinking, 'I don't think I have the tools and resources to make it on my own.' If you do think that, you're lying to yourself or you weren't paying enough attention.


Again thanks so much to V and everyone involved. You guys changed my life