Shy girl - mixed signals and shy physically
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  1. Shy girl - mixed signals and shy physically

    Iíve been going out with this girl for over a month, weíve been on a few dates and met up at a few parties as well. The issue is that she is very shy and seems uncomfortable with physical contact. Of course this is despite the positive encouragement i get from our good conversation, her continued acceptance of my invitations out (hasnít yet turned one down), and other reactions e.g. she seemed genuinely pleased when i bought her some roses for Valentineís Day. Once she got tipsy and she didnít mind me putting my arm around her and stroking her hair, but since then i havenít been able to progress further (due to my own indecision and lack of acceptance from her). I know she is inexperienced (never had a proper boyfriend, despite being 17) and i suspect she has some issues with her own body/appearance and low self-confidence, which is perhaps preventing her from relaxing and physically opening up.

    So are her mixed signals on account of her shyness and lack of self-confidence or is she just not into me? What course of action should I take? Also Iím running out of ideas for opportunities to get her alone and try and make her more comfortable with contact, weíve done all the usual stuff, any suggestions? Sheís very attractive and has a great personality when she opens up at all, so sheís definitely a keeper if possible.

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    At your mom'house..

    Grab her hands, tell her to close her eyes cuz you're gonna perform a magic trick for her... and then you kiss her and put her arms around you(like on your shoulders).
    Her attraction for you will go up to OVER 9000!

    And You don't have to get her alone... Shit, do it in the middle of the floor if you can. Social Proof Mothafuckaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    (^ I could've answered more eloquently, but I'm in a Douchebag kinda mood today.. So, fuck it! )

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