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  1. Tallahassee wing

    Hey gents', just moved to tally and figured its time to step the game up.

    Found this PUA forum and have been soaking up the knowledge and am ready to put it into practice. Base social skills make approaches easy and natural for me, Ive always enjoyed meeting strangers - so now its time to apply this skills in a molded, packaged, candid, and kickass form that we call the game.

    Open to anyone, any age. Im a freshman myself, but age means nothing (my last two closes were 4 years older than I was) so I wouldnt hold it against me if you're an upper classman looking for a wing.

    Still trying to get to know all the clubs and sarging venues here. My group of freinds that got here before I did are, well, lame. They dont go out nearly enough, and although solo-sarging is an option, I figured I might try a wing.

    Not to mention its always good to meet new people, female or male.

    Just shoot me a PM. Till then, happy hunting.

  2. Hey man I'm moving to Tally in August.

    You still need a wing?

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