Indirect Day Game vs. Direct Day Game

Many guys who want to improve their day game by doing Day Game Workshops with me wonder if they should use a direct opener or an indirect opener. The answer I give them is “it depends.” You have to consider the scenario you’re in:

You are walking down the street and she is coming toward you

Most times your will go direct when she is walking toward you. (Let her pass by then turn around, catch up, and approach her from the side.) She is on the move and likely to be on her way somewhere. You open her directly to make your intentions known, which will either stop her and start a conversation, or get a polite response and an objection. Either way, at least you’ll be able to stop her by going direct.

“Excuse me, but I just saw you walking past and I had to say you are absolutely gorgeous… I’d be kicking myself all day if I let you get away.”

An indirect opener will seem odd and she’ll be much more likely to walk off. (Why would you run back to ask her specific opinion or not show any interest by being indirect?)

You are sitting next to a girl in a coffee shop or on public transit

Use a more indirect approach. Often you can make a comment on the surrounding environment or its quirky stereotype. For instance, if you’re standing in line to pay at a bookstore, saying “This place is going to be sooo cool someday… when I learn how to read. What kind of picture book did you buy?” Of course, if you’re holding an epic novel, she’ll clue in that you’re being playful. From there, you can go into a role play, teasing or story once she’s engaged. Going direct in this situation is tough because there are other people within earshot, which places more pressure on her. What’s worse, if you open direct on public transit and get shot down, you’re in for a long, long ride of awkwardness.

You are standing at a crosswalk waiting for the light to change

This situation is one where you have a choice. If you are standing beside her and you can think of something witty, going indirect (like when standing in line) and walking with the girl may be to your advantage. However, if there is some distance between you and her and she hasn’t seen you, waiting until she crosses the street (so she doesn’t get hit by a car!) and going direct can hit hard. Women respond to the vibe you put out, so using what feels most comfortable will make her feel comfortable in your presence.

For some guys that means going direct and stating their intentions, but for others it can mean being playful, flirty and seemingly won over by the girl in the end. Either way, saying something is better than letting that beautiful woman walk away!