What are the chances/odds that you'll catch a STD even if wearing a condom?
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    What are the chances/odds that you'll catch a STD even if wearing a condom?

    Part of my reluctance to have 1-night stands is that I've heard you can catch Herpes & other STDs even if wearing a condom (although the chances are much less than if wearing no condom at all). I usually have that "let's talk about what diseases we have" conversation before I do anything sexual, as I'm paranoid of catching something ... and that kind of conversation does put a damper on the mood when there is spontaneous sexual escalation ... but "better safe, than sorry" I say! BUT, perhaps what I've read is wrong, such that if you wear a condom properly, perhaps there's virtually no chance of catching something?!? CAN YOU GUYS give a heads up of whether you know of guys who have caught something even while wearing a condom. THANKS!
    P.S. Would also like to hear if guys have caught something when she's only given a BJ.

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    A medical professional or a reputable website that deals with health issues is a better place to get answers on reliability of condoms.

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    sdnightfly, actually I thought this forum would be a better place to get these kinds of answers, because a medical/health website will give you the clinically-generic answers ... while this site will give the real world answers based on guys who have themselves or have known others who have had sex with lots of different women

  4. Except that will be anecdotal evidence. Either that, or some copy-paste job from Wikipedia or WebMD.

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