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    I have got some experience, I pick up and close a lot of girls whenever i go out with my wingman, however whenever i go out solo, i find it very difficult to say hello to a 4yr old girl... so what can i do to stop this?

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    Tell the police about your problem. If you can't stop this, I'm sure they can.

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    Seems like you're relying on your wing too much.

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    One of the most valuable things about daygame is that you can bring women into your life with out having to go out several hours a day as you would with clubs and bars. Once you get to a reasonable level of skill, you don't need to go out specifically to go gaming. I find it's much more effective to incorporate meeting girls into your normal daily life (shopping, the gym, various chores). And I doubt you bring your wingman with you as you go about your daily chores. During the course of a typical errand, get in the habit of approaching the most attractive girl you see that day. Since your out doing things anyway, it won't feel odd or forced, as it can sometimes feel if you go solo out just to hit on girls. It only takes 5 minutes out of any errand to open effectively and get a girls number.

    I know it can be a bit fatiguing to go out solo with the specific intent to game. Realize this as another challenge to overcome, but don't beat yourself up if your results aren't as good as when your with a friend having a good time. Guys ALWAYS do better when they're having a good time, and it's obviously going to be more fun if you're laughing and joking with a friend.
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    "Of all the guys there however, I liked Stryker's style the most and felt it was one I could emulate and aspire to. He is basically a ninja of approach. Ultra calm, low key, dead-pan, and sarcastic as hell. His calm seemed to infect the women he was talking to, who would not be jumping and laughing as with Future , but rather just slowly getting drawn in. I swear they went glassy-eyed"- miked3

    The guy that popped my “Approaching and Opening ” cherry. Thanks for (lightly) pushing me to step outside my comfort zone. I know I asked you for a lot of advice on how to create good wingmen and wingwomen, and thanks for that.
    My desire for gaming wasn’t mainly to pick up girls but moreso to improve my life. I felt like my Inner Game sucked, and I wish I had a larger social group to become a part of. The fact that we shared experiences and the advice you gave me on how you personally dealt with similar Inner Game issues was very helpful…these were things I’ve been struggling with every since graduating college. Additionally, I’m thankful for all the advice you gave concerning me being self-conscious about rambling. “As long as you’re passionate, it’s not rambling.” I’m keeping that quote in the back of my mind as I develop my game. Thanks, Stryker. - Explorer56

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  5. ^^ what he said...

  6. Try and approach everyday, at least once a day. Like Stryker said you don't have to spend hours walking around approaching just get one a day in, make it part of your day to day routine. It will get you into the auto-responce mode where you're not even thinking your just approaching when you see an attractive girl.

  7. Thanks guys...

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