Need help with a tough cookie
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  1. Need help with a tough cookie

    Hey guys,

    I need some help with a chick I'm trying to nab and haven't been getting much feedback from. I appreciate all the's the story with as much detail as possible...

    I work at the airport for Air Canada and I met an Iranian chick (hb7) while checking her in and made small convo about how I liked Tehran and always wanted to visit etc etc (she was born in Iran, moved to NYC, and now lives in Toronto). After checking her in she kept coming back to the counters to speak to me with 2 of her friends who she was traveling with. The first time she came back she began with small talk about what was there to do at the airport while she waited for her flight. I just explained places to eat and shops and what was she thanked me and left. she then returns a second time and offers me a chocolate she had bought and begins small talk again about the airport being so quiet in the morning...and so i thanked her for the chocolate and made little convo and she went on her way....

    I'm at the gate now and she was there with her friends and so she approaches me again with small talk about internet service wifi in the area and I make small talk and tell her she should give me her number then next time shes in nyc (since its "her city" where she grew up and visits). So she writes all her info on a small card both number and email and hands it to me when boarding her flight back home.

    2 days later i email her and say hi and how i appreciated the candy etc etc and she replies back that night and leaves me this as a p.s....
    "pls don't call me (nickname), I've always hated that name lol. Hmm you can call me anything else you like "

    So after that email i txt her the following day and say hi this is (my name) how are you? And she replied back and we've been talking since last tue, but she wont txt me unless i txt her for the most part and she will leave me hanging for a day without a txt, but when i txt her a whole convo springs up and when i dont push on it and wait she doesn't txt back as if i have to put all the effort and feel as if im chasing her. The last txt was from her last night around 6pm and i didnt respond hoping for something and nothing...if i dont start convo or continue it she will end it and wait for me to respond to her....I NEED TO REVERSE THIS ROLE!! PLEASE HELP!

    Taking into consideration that she lives in toronto and me in nyc which is far lol, I have no issue in taking a flight over since its not expensive with my flying benefits, but i dont wanna go out of my way to c her, i want her to want me to c her or her to come c me.

    I appreciate everyone assistance.....thanks


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    just text things that are fun and add value to her day that don't require any response. if she does recipricate. she is not that interested

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    It could very well be a cultural thing. I am arabic, but middle eastern women tend to have this idea that they should not chasing. It can definitely be the case she was actually born in Iran and that she is more tied to the culture there than an Arab American would be.

    Be fun and exciting as chem said. I would also think about throwing in a phone call at an appropriate time.

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