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    alright so I have oneitis, and i REALLY want to change, but now all girls fail in comparison to this one. She set the bar too damn high. I'm 17, I'm a singer/songwriter in an oldies rock n roll band. I'm fairly good looking, amazing hair, really tall, but im not very muscular and I have man boobs (but im not obviously fat), I'm NOT awkward at talking to girls, I have not finished drivers ed yet. I dont go to parties (dont WANT to go to one), I have great confidence, but I refuse to act cocky.

    It's hard to feel attracted to another girl, when all the other girls fail in comparison to the one i have oneitis over. and she herself isnt a supermodel, but something about her looks fit EXACTLY what I want. Shes taken... I've tried, I've failed, and I'm barely holding on to being friends with her.

    the only other girls that I'm attracted to are WAY out of my league (im talking only date atheletes type of girls)

    whadda I do?

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    How can you have oneitus for a girl that's already taken?

    You're young and you have a ton of time to meet women, don't waste your time a girl that's already taken.

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    But it's such an extreme down grade when I even look at other girls... I meen girls I use to drool over now look homely to me after I've been hanging around this "Taken" girl (who by the way, goes to the movies with me on weekends, and lets me put my arm around her to teach her guitar)

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    Looks aren't everything. She's not into you that way, and that in itself should be a huge turn-off. I'm sure you can find other flaws in her if you really look closely. You're still young and will have plenty of time to meet other women, who will be 2x hotter than her (btw, some chicks that look like dorks in high school turn out to be really hot in their 20s, while chicks that look stunning in high school often gain a lot of weight later on in life...dunno why, but it's a trend). You can keep her as a friend, but meet other people in the meanwhile. You don't have to go to parties if that's not your thing. Just join some clubs you're interested in to meet new people.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ANDRE23 View Post
    alright so I have oneitis, and I'm 17
    whadda I do?
    1. No oneitis posts on the forums.
    2, You must be 18 to post on the forums.
    3. You should have read the forum rules. Please come back when you turn 18.

    (If you've never failed, you've never lived.)

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