Dancefloor Trap or Chance?
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    Dancefloor Trap or Chance?

    Hey guys,
    what's good? Messing around with all the techniques described in Magic Bullets but I got the problem that I don't know how to act on the dancefloor.
    Basically because I can't run game while it's loud and I'm not pretty sure if approaching with Marvin Gaye typish dance moves will get me the attraction.

    Let me tell y'all about my last weekend dilemma:
    I was in a club with a small dancefloor also got a lounge area to isolate. When I was dancing I spotted this really gorgeous HB8. Had short eye contact from a far, later on I pushed my way through a lot of folks( still on a dance floor). At this point I basically stood behind her. Not pretty sure bout the next action but she pulled her hair over so I could see her neck. What y'all say was that an IOI? In the end I def would say yes.
    To end the story her drunk girlfriend got kissing going on with an drunk guy and further made out.
    After I left the floor I haven't seen her again this night.

    Really need some advice, should I beware of the dancefloor, train some dance moves don't know?

    Appreciate your knowledge.


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    I'm just a beginner, but I tell you what I do:

    I don't look around too much, if I see a nice girl I try to approach her immediately.
    when I talk, I try not to lean, I speak loudly and I try an approach as what's written on mystery method.
    On the dancefloor, it's not important what you say but how you say, and that you KEEP ON TALKING.. after that dance a little bit with the girl, or if she is really interested in what you are saying ask her to go to somewhere else to talk.
    it works for me, it will sure work for you =)
    good luck

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    Aight I ill try and I'll hope that it works.
    Could you hit me with a good approach routine for the dance floor? "Did y'a see the fight outside?" (was impossible to perform)
    or you go in with an direct opener?

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    Here is the truth:
    Dance/Grinding can work but less consistancy than bar scene, in fact when i was out with Future and Vercetti, we avoid dance floor. But you know what, so what? Number close some girl (ie. logistic is bad) at the bar and enjoy life on dance floor grinding lol. i am out to have fun YEAH and either lead girl to bar from dance floor or, i had my fun on dance floor and then i open girl again at bar, its all about fun for me lol
    Truth = Grinding work less consistant, but we have definitely grind girl and SNL many many times (that means open on dance floor). My nature friend only grind girl and SNL pretty consistant. Look the ideal is still open girl at bar and pull to dance floor amp up sexuality and this is call boner technique like what Future and Starlight use. At nick hoss california tour, nick hoss stated dance floor is about enery and that is so TRUE. Savoy told me that dance can work if you got some moves but Savoy say for most people there best bet is at bar and THAT is very ture

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    Oh about that hair IOI, note that but again no need to pay attention because its ALWAYS on YEAHHHH. Who Care? How you approach girl on dance floor is important!! Vercetti showed me a good way of approaching on dance floor and I love it.

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    Hmm if you were behind her, I don't think that would be considered an IOI unless she knew you were there.

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