Trying to be a challenge
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  1. Trying to be a challenge

    So this girl and I have been pretty good friends for a while (3 years) never hooked up cause she had a boyfriend, but she always flirted with me and said how we always look like a couple. So recently she broke up with her boyfriend probably like 6 months ago and I've moved in on it, we've been hooking up and nothing serious, we both are second semester seniors in college so obviously we have limited time and I'm not looking for a relationship, so the other night I was leaving her place and she walked me out and we started hooking up before I left and I said "do you wanna just come back to my place with me" I live like 20 minutes away (it was 2am) she said no, we aren't going to have sex now. We will eventually and you'll want it more.
    So in my head I'm like great this girl knows she has all the power, I need to get the the control back on my side.

    My question is how do I do that?
    Do I just stop hooking up with her? Bring other girls around? I work at women's clothing store so I have no short supply of hot girls willing to hang out. Do I start talking about other girls in front of her to my guy friends? Just looking for a little advice so I can gain control over this situation and not let her have the power.

    Also pretty sure she wants to keep this quiet that we are hooking up cause she is friends with some girl I used to fool around with regularly and doesn't want her finding out. Even though our whole social circle knows we've been seeing each other

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    Well, if you aren't in a relationship, I think you should explore your options with the girls at work. Luckily she's not the last girl in the world. Maybe you'll end up liking one of them better.

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    That particular situation, you need to plan you logistic better

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