Hampton Roads Cougar Dens
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    Hampton Roads Cougar Dens

    What are the best places in HR to hunt for cougars/MILFS? So far I only know of The Stove in P-town. I am willing to meet up with others for sarging and MILF hunting this week.

  2. Hey man i just moved into the area and if your looking for a wingman just hit me up with a message.

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    I hear the South Beach Grill on Birdneck Rd is a cougar den from a buddy, though I haven't been there myself. Hot Tuna on Shore Drive sometimes falls into the cougar den category, though there's usually more of a mix.

  4. The 501 City Grill on Birdneck Road is also a major cougar hangout. If you hit up Catch 31 on the Oceanfront, you sometimes run into cougars staying at the Hilton on business trips.

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    I also heard Red Star at Town Center's a cougar hangout. I'd also suggest Ghent...quite a few cougars along Colley.

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