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    Backstory, me and this girl have been close friends thoughout high school. We flirt a lot but never acted upon it because we've always been in relationships but I wouldn't say we are in each other friendzones, in my opinion. Our texts are always borderline sexual and I was just wondering how to continue this so it can lead to something. Such as these sequence of texts..

    Girl: You owe me $20!
    Boy: If your holding hands techniques are upto scratch for 5 mins, we'll jack it upto 30
    G: Sweet. When and where
    B: 15 mins. Need to do a few warm up sets to get my hands ready
    G: How can you warm up at a time like this. It's not that late
    B: Too much steriods, testosterone pumping. Give me a hand.
    G: Sorry, my hands have their own errands to attend to
    B: We should outsource to each other to save time
    G: Persuade me

    She always manages to turn it into me chasing her somehow, how should I continue this so it is her qualifying, like I tried in the begining?

  2. just invite her out to hang at yours, or at a bar, whatever. If she's all flakey, but tries to set the frame that she wants you to chase after her more (and "persuade her"), you reject the frame. Just go "fair play, some other time" then go on to some other subject. Just DONT supplicate to her frame that you need her. want maybe yes, but you don't need her.


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