shirts; tucked or untucked?

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  1. shirts; tucked or untucked?

    So in the club do you wear your shirt tucked or untucked?

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    So in the club do you wear your shirt tucked or untucked?
    Depends on your style.

    I like to go for untucked most of the time because it gives a semi-formal nice look, yet if I wear my Armoni vest, dress shirt outfit I will tuck it in.

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    my dad wears his shirts tucked still

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    Generally you're going to want untucked. Pedantics will find the odd case where it wouldn't make sense to be untucked, but as a general rule, yeah, untucked.
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    Depends on the shirt and it's cut at the bottom. If your gonna tuck it in wear a nice belt (classy/dressy not big cowboy buckles or the crap with led's that make you look like a cheap billboard)

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    Unless you're going to an important meeting or a very formal event then you should wear Untucked... Also leave some buttons open at the Top(2 or 3, depending on how much you wanna show). I got a tattoo on the left side of my chest so I always leave 3 open.

  7. Depends on the look you're going after. If you're pairing it with nice shoes and a blazer, tuck it in. If you wearing sneakers and jeans, you can go more casual and leave it untucked/unbuttoned with a nice tshirt underneath.

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    No matter which way you decide to wear the shirt here are two quick articles to help you make sure it looks good.

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