Number closed a conservative girl from Saudi Arabia. What next?
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  1. Number closed a conservative girl from Saudi Arabia. What next?

    Ok, well I believe that girls from Saudi Arabia are considered hardest to close. I met the girl several days ago, she was about an HB8 and could have been from anywhere at first glance.

    I opened her direct in the daytime and we talked for about 10 minutes and she gave me some IOIs's such as hairplay. I believe she probable wasn't too religous as I could see a little bit of cleavage in between the buttons of her neck height shirt, however she was quite conservative and the light kino I attempted to do met some resistance such as her pulling her hand back when I was looking at her ring as if she was not used to such touching.

    Anyway I found out that she is learning the piano and is here [Sydney] with her brother. She only has one good friend.

    How do I go about gaming this set and What do I say in the first text message?



  2. "It was nice meeting you, [name] - [your name], cute australian boy"

    something like that, not too strong but still showing you're into her

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