Need Day or Night Game in Center City, Philly
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  1. Need Day or Night Game in Center City, Philly

    Hey guys,
    I just moved to Philly from California, and its my first time living in a big city. I do mostly day game, but I am plateauing and want to get better at both. I've kinda reached the point where, I feel I have gone as far as I can by myself. I need someone looking at from the outside and someone who is on the same journey as me working with me( and obviously me working with them). If you are interested, let know. I live in art museum area, so I'd be interested in going out in center city.


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    Hey we talked a while ago but never met up. I need guys to do night game with since I am busy most days with college and I would be willing to go to center city. I am 25 from NE phila so anyone else reading this interested let me know.

  3. Hey.. both of you. I am also in Philly area. I took my boot camp last month. I am looking for wings here in south nj, philly. I am on intermediate level, with some strong points and some weaknesses. I need positive open minded friends who has some game, I wanna bring together a pack of guys who can go out and try everything about this skill. To brain storm, act, share ideas, give feedbacks, and keep improving our skills. Basically run our pack just like done on boot camps. Lemme know if you guys are interested.. PM me.! Thanks!

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    hey there,

    I'm reading the books now, so I'm def a beginner. I'm a natural with women tho, always have been. I don't necessarily need the game, I want it. I want to learn so I can have my pick. I've gone sarging alone a few times just to test everything out. I'm in center city all the time and I'll be living there by December. I'd love to learn from someone more experienced. I'm a shift worker in the Air Force, so i can be ready for day/night game depending on the day. I'm down for whatever!

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