feelings for a very good friend
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    feelings for a very good friend

    Ok so I'm having a crush on this girl I've known for for one and a half years now. We've been hanging out almost every day since we met, together with other friends sometimes, and sometimes only the two of us. I had feelings for her a year back, but I didnt do anything about it then. And now the feelings are back.

    A few weeks back we actually talked a little bit, and I got her to admit that she was interrested in me also, but didn't do anything for the same reason as me (being in the same study group and stuff). I said the same to her, and laughed it off and started talking about something else. I never felt such regret and lack of balls

    Last weekend we went to a vacation together as friends for 5 days (4 nights in a double bed! lucky me, it was supposed to be two single beds). Nothing happened the first night, we just lied there talking. She even went into the bathroom putting a pyjamas on before getting into bed. The next two nights we went out drinking a little bit, it ended up with a lot of cuddling. I put my hands under her shirt and stuff, i never touched her tits or genital area though. She also massaged my back. I told her she makes me crazy and stuff like her skin is the smoothest i ever felt, I know she liked it. Then this shit happened while I was touching her, she suddenly said "I'm not the type to have friends with benefits. There is too much feelings involved, don't you think?" I just said "yeah, sure" and we fell asleep spooning, and I think it's safe to say both of us were horny as fuck.

    Shes been away the last week, so havent seen her since our trip last weekend. She gets back in town tomorrow night. What should I tell her? I think it's pretty obvious i won't get any sex from her without talking to her first, hoping she feels the same.

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    Her: "I'm not the type to have friends with benefits . There is too much feelings involved, don't you think?"
    My Response: " I am not your girlfriend with a dick. You are here with me, in this bed b/c I like you as you know and if this is too much for you then it's no problem, trust me you are not going to hurt my feelings in anyway, I am a big boy, i will find someone else" and then smile.

    Now she gave you a green light and should have went for it but you didn't take ACTION!. What are you trying to accomplish here?

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    Maybe I explained it badly, but we were supposed to have separate beds on the trip, but I got lucky and we got a double by mistake. Even if i didn't get any action I feel like I made good progress and a lot of physical escalation. Guess I pussied out because I didnt want to ruin the vacation if I got rejected. And i want to have her as my girlfriend, this is my goal.

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    I'm sorry if i offend... but MAN UP ! I hate it when guys say: "I don't want to do that because it might ruin our friendship (vacation)"

    You cannot live a lie around her. That will bring lots of frustrations. Like this vacation here. I bet you regret a few things here and there: "Man this could have been the best vacation ever, but i was too stupid to make a move, i preffered to cuddle."

    From what you are saying she's dying to be with you, she's just afraid to be treated like a piece of meat (which is normal). So what do you have to lose here? You prefer to live a lie, and shut up forever? Or tell/do something to show her how you truly feel.

    Make the move !
    Good luck !

  5. You need to get a mentality what will make you succeed. A girl might reject you at first, but with the right state of mind, you can make sure that it never gets awkward or uncomfortable.
    Suppose you make a move the first night and she does not like it. The next day, you genuinely don’t give a shit and act like normal because you forced yourself to forget the previous night, and you also know that it is just a matter of time until you get her. I can bet all the money you want she sill think: thats a fucking man.
    And you’ll have her.

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    I'm going to make the move this next week/weekend, the first time I can get alone with her.

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    YEAH ! Remember, you don't wait for opportunities, you make them !

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    4 days in a room with her and you DIDN'T do anything!?... Dude, Life is short... Start MAKING MOVES!

    "Is not what you hope for, Is not what you deserve.. Is what YOU TAKE!" - Frank Mackey.

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    Okay so I told her today that i have feelings for her. She really got surprised, but i could tell that she liked the way that i handled it. I also told her that i want meet up in the weekend, but I will anyways see her every day at school until then. I don't know how it went, but at least im not fucked up in my head anymore.

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    hehe, good job! It's better than nothing. Good luck !

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