How to approach an old fwb facebook messaging me?

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    How to approach an old fwb facebook messaging me?

    Just changed my profile picture on facebook to one that makes me look much more
    attractive than I am. Even though I hate facebook I realize that most girls screen guys they meet irl before or soon after meeting them so I a lightly photo touched and posted a new default.

    Low and behold, within minutes I had a return on my extra efforts!
    Now let me remind you that I am a very inactive facebook user. people rarely write on my wall, add me as a friend yada yada especially women.

    In my inbox I have a message from a fwb from college, the message simply said a nickname she use to call me, lets call me "pokeyyy" and she wrote it just like that with the emphasis on the last letter.

    I know I want to move this conversation over to texting but I want to do this in a smooth manner. Should I answer on facebook first or just reply with a text?

    Also I was thinking about using a neg as my opener, or maybe just, "what took you so long"

    Gentlemen, how should I approach it from here?

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    Fuck all this neg bullshit at this point. She gave you a girl green light now it's time for you to go. Calling a girl from my personal exp is better then texting. Now I usually tell them "hey I am going to location X do you want to come with me?". You don't sound needy in anyway b/c you are going there regardless she comes or not and you want her to join your company and have a good time. If she gives you a pretext then reply with "You didn't seem the type of person who would deliberately interrupt her own opportunity to meet someone new and exciting...guess i was wrong" In a playful manner.

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